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Are you dating a narcissistic ladyboy?

Please know that this guide wasn’t created to use the word narcissistic lightly. We’re going to discuss it in its real form, as a personality disorder. What exactly is a Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

Narcissistic personality disorder (also referred to as NPD), is one of several types of personality disorders. It is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.

Today, you’re going to know the symptoms to know whether or not you’re dating a narcissistic ladyboy. This may or may not apply to her so take everything with a grain of salt.

1. Delusions of Grandeur and Self-importance

Confidence is one of the many ingredients that makes for a perfect partner. However, when it’s overdone, it leads to arrogance. For some who take it to the next level, they exhibit delusions of grandeur and self-importance.

Ladyboy in a purple sequin dress and tiara, touching her face gently

If you’re ladyboy date often refers to herself like she’s God’s gift to every man and she won’t settle for the fact that there will always be someone smarter, sexier, prettier, kinder, etc. than she is, she probably has inflated self-importance.

Should she treat you like you’re disposable and that it’s very easy for her to treat you badly because she’s confident that she’s capable of getting someone better and that she deserves better, run for the hills!

2. They’re Special and only a “Chosen Few” understands them

If she says that you’re special because you can understand her like others can’t, it’s not a compliment. Again, this is an extension of her self-importance. It just goes to show that she’s not willing to compromise and that she has been through a lot of failed relationships and won’t take some of the blame.

This is also part of her manipulation because by making you feel like you’re one of a kind, it can lead to you having a Jesus complex and that you’re obliged to be the only man for her.

3. Always looking for compliments

Sometimes, it’s ok to be weak and seek assurance from a partner. It’s comforting to know that someone appreciates you amidst your imperfections. But if she’s taking it to another level of always doing it, with a bonus of you, saying that she’s better than x person, it’s not cute anymore.

Ladyboy in an orange blouse smiling at her reflection in a vintage mirror.

However, don’t mistake NPD with mere insecurity. The latter can be fixed and unfortunately, NPD is more complex.

4. Constant daydreams about Power, Fame, and Success

Everyone must have ambition. But if it’s more said than done, it’s probably just a manifestation of her narcissistic personality disorder. You see, people who reach their goals don’t waste their time daydreaming, they plan and take action.

If your conversation often wanders to the lines of her achieving grand things and she seems like her feet are not on the ground, it’s time to question yourself as to why you’re enduring this silliness.

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5. History of using others for personal gain

In connection with daydreaming about Power, Fame, and Success, she may also be the type of instead of achieving these in a fair manner, she uses others to make her daydreams come to fruition.

She may have exclusively dated wealthy men, used her colleagues, riding on her friend’s connections, and more.

6. Sense of Entitlement

If you’re familiar with the memes Karen and Barbecue Becky, she’s like them, but with an elevated level. You see, she will not only talk to the manager, she would want to talk to the Vice President, President, CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, and the chairman.

Ladyboy with long hair wearing denim and a black top, performing a high kick.

She also won’t settle for just calling the police to tell them that she wants a happy family out of her sight, she’ll also probably complain about it to her family and friends like she’s the victim.

You see, to her, people are not equal. She deems that she’s entitled to be treated the way she wants to be treated because, in her own little mind, she’s the queen of the world.

She will also not shy away from letting you know this. So be careful in taking her out on dates, she’ll probably embarrass you tenfold from what you consider the most embarrassing thing that happened in your life.

7. Constant Jealousy

She’s the type who’s always jealous even if you’re not giving her any reason to feel so. And her jealousy doesn’t only chart the romantic waters, this jealousy also extends to her family and friends.

To her, she’s the BEST so why should anyone need another friend or companion?

Added to that, it’ll also manifest when you have a huge social circle. If you’re so in love with her, you’ll have to start learning how to say no to your friends when they invite you to go out (and yes, this includes even if she receives an invitation as well).

8. Arrogance

If you’re into dating a ladyboy who loves weaving toxic moments, she’s the perfect gal for you. She will constantly run her mouth and throw a tantrum if she finds someone who’s not agreeable.

Rear view of a woman in a yellow jacket and white top making rebellious gestures in a garden.

The most important rule of dating someone with NPD is that they’re priority 1 and everyone else follows. This may manifest innocently in the beginning stages of the relationship as something to make you chuckle.

She’ll probably say that she’s the prettiest girlfriend that you’ve dated and that you’re very lucky to have her. Then she will probably insult your exes’ looks. She’ll also probably gaslight you when your friends or family dislike her arrogance.

9. Not empathetic enough

Please don’t mistake someone with NPD as apathetic. She has empathy, but it’s not at the same level as Plain Janes’ and Average Joes’.

Moreover, she may be doing a lot of charitable actions not because she’s sympathetic, but she’s actually doing so to get the recognition that she’s craving for. Remember she loves compliments!

Person writing 'NO' in red marker on glass, viewed from behind the glass.

Now that you have the most telling signs, assess her ways and reflect on whether you want to continue pursuing a relationship with her. There are studies that people with NPD are not fixable so you may have to do more research on this topic.

Lastly, if you’re single and you want to apply what you’ve learned from this guide, it’s time to create a My Ladyboy Date account. Be one of the thousands of members who found their soulmate online!

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