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Effective ways to Manifest a Man in Online Ladyboy Dating

Ladies, have you been dreaming of that life partner or soulmate but it seems like the universe is not giving you a bone (both literally and figuratively). Today, you’re going to learn some effective manifestations that will help you attract the man of your dreams.

Please know that this is not voodoo or a love spell guide. Everything that will be listed here is helpful in positioning you to become a single yet positivity-filled ladyboy that men desire. This may or may not apply to you so take everything with a grain of salt.

1. Don’t chase, attract!

As a ladyboy, you must have a mindset of a woman. Remember, a ladyboy who knows her worth will not try to defy this most obvious tactic that romantically successful women have been using for thousands of years.

Woman drinking water from a glass by a window with white curtains.

Naturally, men are the hunters and if you don’t give them the opportunity to be so, they won’t pursue you. Added to that, a lot of men find aggressive women desperate so as you look up in the mirror right after waking up, say these words repeatedly…

“I don’t chase, I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me”.

Living by this mantra will give you an enhanced level of confidence that even if they turn out to be just a string of words, at the end of the day, you’ve made positive changes for yourself.

2. Have a type, but don’t expect

Many ladyboys’ demise into romance is unrealistic expectations. Yes, you deserve to be absolutely with whomever you want to be with. But if your checklist is too long and god forbid a man you stumble upon doesn’t hit mark 3 out of 10 boxes, you won’t continue getting to know him anymore.

Added to that, when you create a checklist, you shouldn’t fill it with superficial requirements such as looks, wealth, talent, etc. Your checklist must be filled with good values that will be more telling if you’ll have a successful relationship with him or not.

Replace your 6ft 4in. requirement with chivalry and trust in time that you’ll open more opportunities for love!

3. Be selective, not dismissive

To expound further on number 2, you must not ignore a man just because he’s not your “type”. There’s no harm in having new friends from My Ladyboy Date. Because he’s not already your type, you won’t suffer from a paradox of choices. Instead, you’re planting a seed that one day you’ll never know might grow into something very special.

Person with a puzzled expression wearing a maroon sweatshirt, hands raised in a shrug.

Some of the best romances start from friendship so never close that door!

4. Always see who’s online and view them

Now that you already know the importance of attracting not chasing as discussed in point number 1, it’s time for application. Of course, you won’t attract anyone by watching romantic comedies on Netflix all day. Proper positioning is important and that means having a My Ladyboy Date (MLD) account.

If you don’t want to seem desperate but you want to attract someone you find hot in MLD, view their profile repeatedly! You see, in MLD, all members get notified about who has viewed their profile. If he checks that notification, your avatar will appear!

By viewing him and not sending him a message, you’re letting him know that you exist but you are still letting him chase you by allowing him to make the first move. Trust and believe that he gets notified by your views a lot, he will be compelled to send you a message soon!

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5. If he keeps viewing you but not sending a message, make the first move

Now, you may just find this section contradictory with points number 1 and 4. But you have to understand that men suffer a lot from a paradox of choices, hence, they ghost countless ladyboys on a daily basis.

Sadly, if he didn’t send you a message, he may just not that be into you. But that could change! Sometimes, if you really want someone, you have to work harder… but in this case, smarter!

Woman smiling while looking at her phone, seated next to a laptop in an office setting.

So, if he keeps on viewing you, he may be part of the minority of men who are truly introverted and he’s just waiting for an inviting nudge. This is when you could make use of the Favorite tool. Simply click the heart icon below his profile photo and he will be notified that you’ve added him to your favorites list.

Now, if he’s still viewing you and not sending a message or not reciprocating your favorite action, it’s time to give up… or send him a message. But beware that if you send him a message first, your mantra will not be as effective anymore. The jig is up. He already has the upper hand by him having knowledge of how much you like him.

6. Create a coveted aura

There’s a reason why a lot of luxury goods get away with their exorbitant price points while giving the masses the bare minimum… branding! You see, if you give an air of being exclusive and hard to get, men are going to compete for you!

But before doing this, a sprinkle of cunningness must be learned. What this means is you’re going to have to learn how to let men feel like you have hoards of men trying to be with you.

How do you do this on your dating profile? Simple! Post photos of you sniffing a bouquet of flowers. You may also add photos with male friends and blur their faces so the visitors will be puzzled and get a bit jealous of all the presence of testosterone around you.

Added to that, you must also focus on your styling. A high-value woman will not present herself like she’s going to do anything for 20 bucks.

7. The color red

Psychology says that the majority of men are attracted to the color red. When they see it, they subconsciously think of competition. Wear a lot of red outfits or you can simply post a profile photo of you wearing red lipstick. Trust and believe that you’ll have an influx of messages when you do this.

8. Even if he says he’s just looking for fun, make him change his mind

Don’t believe men who say that they’re not looking for true love and that they’re only looking for fun. Never discount them yet because these are usually men who have not found their match yet.

You see, a lot of playboys change once they find their soulmate i.e. George Clooney when he met Amal. There’s always someone for anyone. Entertain him even if his profile says otherwise and let him know that you’re not into just fun. If he still tries to communicate with you albeit with your opposing thoughts, there’s a chance that you might be the one.

9. Channel your inner seductress

Lastly, if you want to manifest the guy you like, you must learn the Art of Seduction. There’s a book about it but if you’re not ready for that level, you can tweak some things about you that’ll guarantee men’s positive attention.

All you have to do is invest in yourself. Study a lot and improve your life. Review various seductive body language. Get a regular beauty routine and learn a lot about elegant fashion. When you do this, you will be surprised about the magnitude of how transformation can make your love life successful.


“I don’t chase, I attract. What simply belongs to me will simply find me.”

Good luck!

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