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“This is a well put together website with a very sincere and positive community of users. The interface is very straightforward and easy to use, the vast majority of profiles are real and genuine (I haven’t encountered a single fake profile), and the customer service team is very helpful and responsive. 99% of the women on this website are very respectful, lovely, graceful, down-to-earth, and are happy to get to know you both on the website and outside the website. Many of them also speak English quite fluently, so Google Translate was hardly needed to be used. For those of you looking for a long-term relationship with a respectful and supportive woman, look no further than this website. Thank you to the MLBD team for this incredible website, and best of luck to all on their search for love.”

Mario, Canada

“I've been thinking about how to meet nice, sophisticated and loving trans-girls to date and have a relationship for a few years but they are hardly noticeable in our daily lives and approaching them publicly just felt a little awkward. Also, good trans-bars or social places are few and far in between. I did a little bit of research online and realised that this website might be the real deal and I actually stand a chance of finding my soul-mate here. I signed up and within a month I found the one I was looking for all my life. Now we're madly in love with each other and so I don't need to be subscribed to the website any longer. Another great thing about the website is that it doesn't auto-renew your subscription. That itself indicated to me that the management of the website isn't just out to make a fast buck from me, rather they actually want me to find someone special. It was an absolutely terrific experience!”

Raheel, United Kingdom


颜小琪 , China

“This app is the best ❤️

Sheena, Philippines

“I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your efforts. You are creating one of the safest, nicest, cleanest, and most genuine dating sites on the entire internet. I own an internet digital media marketing company and believe me I know a good site when I see one.”

Duke, United States

“I love your website 😊💕

Ram, Philippines

“Felicidades, está perfectamente bien hecha la App! Son los mejores. Saludos.”

Kathia, Mexico

“My name is Martin, and I entered this site with the hope of expanding my circle of friends. From the beginning I had very good reception from the whole team, I want to make a very special recognition to Maki, who supported me and guided me in everything with kindness and responsibility. The tools of the site are very simple and easy to understand, I took them all they gave me excellent results, it is very intuitive and there is no problem. Although for me the results were negative I'm sure that will not be the same for other people who look for what they want...”

Martin, Mexico

“The user interface is brilliant and I didn't have any issues. Even then, the moderators replied to my messages, so I consider that a very responsive and helpful team. Those emails made me go back to the website a few times and realise that there are still beautiful trans women creating profiles, some of whom I really want to try to talk to, just for fun. I checked my bank account and I'm on a good day so I went for a year membership. Keep sending me emails, it reminds me to go back to your awesome website :D I'll write my success story on the site later on when it happens, wait for it hahaha :D”

Dorian, Belgium

“Your site is doing great, its my day 2 of using it, and many guys are like buzzing at me. The guys here are good as what I have observed.”

Vanne, Philippines

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