Janine & Martin … their success story

Janine & Martin

“You gave us a tool to find each other. Without your website I may not able to find my husband.”


Janine, Philippines

My name is Janine and I am so blessed and grateful that I found my love of my life here. Me and my husband decided to share our love story and I hope some of you will be inspired.

I signed up here on January 15, 2015. Well first of all I was on this website because of only one reason which is to try my “luck and find my soulmate” and not for anything at all. I chatted some guys on this website but I was not able to find one who is serious and sincere until I meet my ex boyfriend, my ex fiancé and now happy to call him my husband. God is so good because one week after I signed up on this website I found my soulmate, my one true love. His name is Martin and he lives in Switzerland 🇨🇭. He purchased a year subscription on this website as he wanted to try his luck as well. At first he also chatted some ladies but he did not find one until he found me.

He sent me message on January 15, 2015 and that was just a simple “HI” and when I received his message that was the time I told myself maybe he’s the one already. At first I already fall in love with his eyes. I don’t know why but when we started chatting I feel comfortable with him. My husband that time was using google translate because he is not that good in English however it was not an obstacle to continue our chats. We started exchanging email and we exchanged photos from there. I didn’t expect that while we are chatting everyday on this website he already fall in love on me as well. He started courting me and try to get my big “YES”. At first I was off course hard to get. Sorry guys I just wanted to make sure that he is serious and sincere. Of course this is dating site so we should always be careful if the person we are chatting is serious or not. Then I told him to give me at least a month to think it first. On February 07, 2015 when I came to my boarding house from work my land lady told me that there is a package to someone but she cannot identify to whom package belong because it has no information labeled on the package. I remember that he asked for my address before and I just didn’t mind it. So I’m not sure yet if that was really for me. What we did was we opened the package and I saw his phone number which is a swiss phone number. That was the time I said its for me and we opened it and saw flowers 💐 and teddy bear. I was overwhelmed and felt so happy that time. On the evening he sent me message and asked if I received anything today. I told him yes and I cried because of the happiness I felt. Well to be honest I just did not expect it and I feel so feminine during that time. On that day I answered him with a big “YES” so on February 07, 2015 we are officially an LDR couple. And as in return of what he sent to me, I planned also to give him a valentines gift 🎁. I sent him money 💰 1000 pesos via western union to buy a T-shirt. I did not expect that the fee was also close to a thousand pesos. So I paid 1700 including the fee. Believe it or not guys but my husband can justify this. I don’t know why I did that but one thing I am certain of was because of the happiness I felt when I received he’s gift. I was employed that time in one of the prestigious call center company in Davao City so I was able to sustain my needs.

My husband was surprised when I sent to him the transaction details. It sounds funny because when he claimed it in western union it was just 14chf - their currency. He was very happy and he bought a T-shirt and as far as I remember he paid 10chf so there’s 4 chf left. Funny right? Well I think love can do anything no matter what it takes. We continue chatting on this website until we decided to communicate everyday via WhatsApp and sunday via skype.

One thing I like with our relationship is that we are both exchanging gift every December despite of our distance. He sent me package and I also sent him as well. Well shipping fee that time was not a joke for me because it was really quite expensive but good thing every December we have salary BONUS so not bad at all.

While we are in a long distance relationship my husband save money for our first ever meet up in Cebu city. I did also save because I paid for my ticket. He offered to pay for it but I insisted not because I want to pay it myself so its gonna be fair on his side. I was just thankful of my job before and since I have my salary so I tried to be fair with him. He paid everything except my ticket.

On September 12, 2016 we finally meet in person. We stayed in Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel in Mactan Cebu. We had the best moment in our life as an LDR couple. We stayed there for two weeks and that was amazing days for us. We planned for the future and we fall in-love more in each other. Love wins indeed!

During our vacation we decided to plan our next step. He wanted me to visit him in Switzerland for a month and he will pay for everything. So I applied for VISIT VISA going to Switzerland 🇨🇭 with the help of my husband and thanks to our almighty God it was approved.

On November 04, 2017 I flew going to Switzerland 🇨🇭. It was also the best moment of my life which is to see my husband’s place and meet his parents. I am so grateful because he’s family accepted me for who I am as a woman. We visited some beautiful tourist spot here in Switzerland and my 24 days of stayed here was really wonderful.

I flew back to the Philippines on November 27, 2017 and it was the hardest part of my life because we are back to LDR again. Well “Patience is virtue” and this is the only thing I did which is to wait for the right time until he decided to fly this time to Davao City and meet my family.

On September 24 2018 he proposed on me in front of my family. I cried due to tears of joy and the moment he asked me I answered with a big Yes. Finally that time I am engaged with him. When he cam back to Switzerland we are back to LDR again. It was also the time that we are both busy in preparing for the application of my fiancée visa. On March 14, 2019 I applied for my fiancé visa in the Embassy of Switzerland in Makati City. It was a successful application because after 3 months of waiting I got already result and it was APPROVED. Thanks to God because he guided me throughout the process. After I received my fiancé visa I flew to Switzerland and finally its one way ticket. I meet again my husband and his family. We are busy with processing of our marriage.

On August 06, 2019 we are officially married. It was my happiest moment in my entire life to be married with the love of my life.

To all my trans sisters who are looking for their soulmate be true to yourself. Nothing is more important than being true to yourself.

And to all guys who are looking for their future wife, my husbands advise is also be patience and have courage and determination to find your soulmate. Best of luck!

Lastly to the founder of this website “Cyril” a million thanks to you. You gave us a tool to find each other. Without your website I may not able to find my husband. To “Maki” thank you so much as well for being part of this dating site. God bless to both of you and more power to your website.

Above all thanks God for giving me such an amazing husband. It is an answered prayer for me. God bless everyone and best of luck finding your soulmate. Always remember this quote “Distance teaches us to appreciate the days that we are able to spend together and distance teaches us the definition of patience. It is a reminder that every moment together is special, and every second together should be cherished”.

Best Regards,
Janine and Martin ♥️💕🇨🇭🇵🇭

Our best wishes to the lovely couple! ❤️💜💙

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