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United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a country composed of the following cities or city states: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Ajman, Fujairah and Sharjah. When it comes to economic growth, the UAE is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. However, when it comes to the LGBT community in the UAE, it’s a long way away from progress. There are still many limitations when it comes to LGBT rights in the Emirates.

LGBT relations are discouraged and can be punishable by law but there is an unwritten rule to this. If you don’t get caught, you won’t get in trouble. So if you are willing to risk anything for love, you just have to be extra careful when you are dating in the United Arab Emirates as the consequences can either be imprisonment or even death, depending on the act.

Since laws are very strict regarding crossdressing in several parts of the UAE, trans women are not expressive about their gender identity and often have to hide it. A lot of times when they go out in public, they dress up in Abaya (black dress) to hide their figures. They also will not speak unless spoken to so that they will not be questioned.

One thing is for sure, being a ladyboy in the UAE speaks about how much courage they have just to be themselves. So if you meet a ladyboy here, you are lucky to have a brave woman in your life. Since there are so many restrictions when it comes to transsexuals here in the UAE, My Ladyboy Date is the perfect platform for trans women to find a respectful and loving partner in discretion.

The UAE is also one of the countries where there is a significant number of ladyboys from the Philippines. A lot of Filipino ladyboys often move to the UAE for work so it would not be a surprise if you find a lot of ladyboys on our site who live in countries like Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

Why My Ladyboy Date is a guaranteed safe space for dating

Dating in the UAE can be very risky for ladyboys, that’s why we want to give you that boost to help you get to know the person you are dating by meeting them through our site first. Once you have established a connection with that person, it will be easier for you and your date to see if you’re on the same page with them.

Oftentimes, ladyboys have difficulties when it comes to dating because a lot of men only want sexual relations with trans women without the strings attached. For ladyboys who long for long-term and serious relationships, this can make dating in such a restrictive area very hit or miss. But My Ladyboy Date is the window of opportunity for you to find true love without having to be punished for it.

Safety tips when you are dating in the UAE

Since you are in a predominantly Muslim country, it’s best to follow their rules if you don’t want to get into trouble with the law. Here are some safety tips for you and your date to keep yourselves out of harm’s way when you’re in the Emirates.

Dress up consistently with your documents

So if your passport or your documents state that you are a male, you have to dress consistently, otherwise they will either bar you from entering the country or detain you if you are already in the country. There have been instances where trans people including trans celebrities have been questioned at immigration for how they dress and the papers they presented. Other people have also been detained just for crossdressing.

Keep your relationship low key and within your circle

As much as possible if you are in an LGBT relationship, it’s best to keep it on the down low. There were cases where homosexuals have been questioned for having relationships and have been detained and imprisoned in the UAE. A lot of them were deported after their detention, so make sure that you keep your relationship within people you trust.

Do not engage in public displays of affection

Even with hetero couples, this is discouraged. There have been cases when even straight males have been questioned for accidentally touching other males or just brushing up against another guy. So hugging, kissing or holding hands should not be done in public. Make sure that you do not engage in sexual relations in public as authorities have arrested people for doing this.

Be careful in private areas

Even in the safety of your own car, you have to be careful. Once caught, you can be detained or deported. There have been cases where the authorities have caught and arrested people having sex in cars. Other times, when intolerant neighbors see that you are having an intimate LGBT relationship they might alert the police. Make sure that your social media accounts are locked and only accessible to people you trust as the government keeps a close eye on their citizens.

Be wary of undercover authorities

Ever since there have been LGBT couples arrested for breaking the law in several parts of the UAE, the government has put extra measures in place to ensure that their laws are followed. So even in public places like bars and restaurants, there might be undercover police who have been assigned to scout out people who are in LGBT relationships. Be careful who you talk to.

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Dating can often be challenging. Finding the right partner for you in a place where you aren’t open to be yourself can make it much more difficult. That’s why we want to make dating accessible to the ladyboys in the United Arab Emirates. We believe that you can find love anywhere in the world and with just a click of a button, you can mingle with other singles who are also looking for love.

The difference between My Ladyboy Date and other dating websites is that we cater to ladyboys and gentlemen who are looking for real and genuine love relationships. Most often with other dating sites, they have this culture of hooking up but we don’t promote that here. For ladyboys who have settled on just hooking up because they think they can’t find real love, you have come to the right place. Our website is a safe place for you to date.

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