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When you’re in Dubai, you must first and foremost understand the fact that it is an Islamic city that runs on the laws laid by Islam. Dubai is traditional, conservative and religious and there are limitations when it comes to LGBT rights here. But, that does not mean that you cannot find the love of your life here.

Though LBGT relations are discouraged in Dubai, there is an unwritten policy when it comes to this. You are not guilty unless someone catches you. That may prove to be quite difficult, however there are different ways to keep yourself in a safe and loving LGBT relationship when you’re in Dubai.

Oftentimes, transsexuals openly live as women but keep a very low profile. Since laws are very strict, most ladyboys dress up as Arab local women dressed in Abaya (black dress) since this ensures that no one checks or interacts with them. Trans women still have a lot to go through to be recognized as part of the society. But that does not mean they are not able to live as themselves here.

There are thousands of transsexuals living in Dubai who have migrated from the Philippines, Canada, Russia, Thailand and India. But there is also a considerably large population of Filipino ladyboys here due to better job opportunities for them. So although dating ladyboys in Dubai can be quite a challenge due to the environmental factors, there is always a chance for love and romance here. After all, love will always find a way.

Safety tips when dating in Dubai

Since Dubai is a very conservative place when it comes to dating, it is best to remember at all times that you are entering a Muslim city. Therefore respecting its laws is recommended to steer clear of any legal troubles or harm. Here are some of the safety tips that My Ladyboy Date would like to share with you so you can date safely in Dubai.

Do not engage in public displays of affection

So as much as possible, try to steer clear of any kissing, embracing, holding hands or anything of a sexual nature when you are in public. Whether you are in a heterosexual or LGBT relationship, this is deeply frowned upon in Dubai. If you end up getting caught, you might get arrested. So be sure to keep it in your pants, otherwise it’s just best to get a room.

Be careful who you talk to and share your relationship with

It is ideal to keep your relationship low key. Someone who might know about your relationship can complain about you to the authorities and will get you arrested. Some trans women have landed in jail through no fault of their own. It would be best to just keep your relationship a secret while you are traveling or living in Dubai.

Be wary of the authorities or undercover police

The authorities have a way of monitoring their citizens closely. Be careful when you are in clubs, pubs or other entertainment places since there are always cops keeping an eye out. Make sure you keep your social media on the down low too as this is monitored by the authorities and the government. If someone starts being friendly with you, be careful as they might actually be an undercover cop trying to scout for information.

Be extra careful even in private areas

If you’re planning to do some hanky panky in the safety of your own car, think again. Do not get caught having sexual relations inside your private vehicle as this can lead to exposure and jail time.

As much as possible, if you are living together with your significant other or your ladyboy date and no one complains about it then it is not a crime. However, if someone complains about your relationship and decides to take you to the authorities, this can cause serious trouble.

If you identify as a male in your documents, you have to be consistent with your appearance

Dubai is still not very open when it comes to transsexual foreigners. A ladyboy traveling to the country can be denied entry due to discrimination alone. So if you want to enter Dubai and your documents declare you as male, it’s best to dress as such to avoid any problems with immigration. If this is not possible, it’s best to look for another means or another country.

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