Meeting ladyboys in Jakarta

Jakarta is not exactly the most ideal city to meet ladyboys. There are ladyboys here but they are few and far between. In Thailand, you can meet ladyboys walking around casually. But in Indonesia, many of the women if not most are conservative.

Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country. This means that a lot of their laws and culture are based off their religion. Currently, LGBT rights in Indonesia are very limited. The quality of life for LGBT individuals is not great. But hopefully, it can only get better with time.

The term ladyboy is not appreciated by everyone. We use it on this page for educational purposes. For a detailed explanation, please read our dedicated page on the term “ladyboy”.

Getting to know ladyboys in Jakarta

Indonesian ladyboys or Waria in the local language often live lowkey because of the conservative culture. This also applies to ladyboys that live in Jakarta. You can’t really meet them out on the street. Many of them do not come out as trans. They know that they will be heavily discriminated against if they do. In fact, Indonesia are creating a bill to force LGBT people into rehab.

Ladyboy from Jakarta

Those who do come out as ladyboys in Indonesia don’t live the best life. They are subject to discrimination and violence. They can legally change their gender but only after undergoing gender reassignment surgery. Life may be hard for ladyboys here but they are resilient. There are also organizations dedicated to fighting for trans rights in Indonesia.

Famous ladyboy in Jakarta: Vivian Rubiyanti Iskandar

Ladyboys in Jakarta are few and those who do come out choose to migrate due to violence and discrimination. But there are those who stay and choose to fight despite the inequality. So rarely are there any famous ladyboys in Jakarta, but they do exist.

Vivian Rubiyanti Iskandar

Vivian Rubiyanti Iskandar, born on January 1, 1944, was the first trans person to be legally recognized by Indonesian courts as their true gender. Iskandar’s legal recognition was a landmark moment for transgender rights in Indonesia. Vivian’s case has been referenced with regard to Indonesia’s legal change in gender. In 1977, she played herself in a film about her life called Akulah Vivian.

Meeting places in Jakarta

Unfortunately, this is not a good place for meeting ladyboys organically. Jakarta does not have any ladyboy-centered spaces. A lot of gay bars have been shut down. So it might be quite a challenge if you want to meet someone at a bar by chance. But if you really do want to take your chances then here are your options.

Apollo Bar & Lounge

You’re more likely to meet into someone performing drag here who might be trans. So it’s the best place to casually meet ladyboys in Jakarta. Apollo Bar & Lounge is located at a mall in Jakarta. This means that there are other things to do there aside from partying. This is also a mixed bar so it welcomes everyone.

Apollo Bar


Boca Rica

This is an upper-class bar and club on the ground floor of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. It’s a great eatery and tapas bar with regular live music and DJs. It’s not exactly a ladyboy bar. But you might bump into a ladyboy here. The crowd is diverse with locals and foreigners. So you might end up bringing someone home when you pop into this club.

Boca Rica


LGBT Organization in Jakarta

Jakarta doesn’t have many LGBT Organizations. Support groups and LGBT Organizations are hard to come by because they could be punished by the law. But there are still some of them who bravely fight against anti-LGBT rhetoric.

Arus Pelangi

Rainbow Stream or Arus Pelangi is a non-profit that was established in 2006. They focus on advocating for individual and community rights. It has over 20 organizational members in 11 provinces in Indonesia. This organization has events, activities, and educational materials that raise awareness on LGBT issues.

Arus Pelangi


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