someone with the crazy wisdom (please!)

I am interested in pre-op and non-op between 25 and 45

I am looking for Fun / dating, Making friends, Marriage, and Relationship


Widow / widower
English and Indonesian
173 cm (5'8")
65 kg (143 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Would travel
Would relocate
Education level
Caucasian (white)
Eating habits
I live
I drink
I smoke
Never, I can’t stand smoke
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
Sexual role
First timer


Long term only
Serious, educated, clean and warm hearted only
I'm a non smoker/drinker/drug-taker (and would prefer the same)
Communication is key to success here
Maturity attracts my heart and I doubt I'll ever compromise on that. I'm rather hoping I can find a mature head on a young body! ;)

What I've learned here:
Have mercy, compassion and forgiveness for the shortcomings and mistakes of others. Whatever happens, don't lose your sacred innocence. If you lose your heart trying to win someone else's, you may never get yours back. In the long run, a little kindness will go a lot further in warming your heart than any lover can.

About me:
I'm British (near London) but I'm searching worldwide because I travel most of the time and have no problems relocating to your country. I also have a base in Jakarta.
I love the nomadic life, and would ideally love a partner who enjoys the same transient lifestyle so we can wander the earth together from time to time. Having said that, I have a good grounding and can be content almost anywhere, doing almost anything, so I'm quite happy to compromise for the right person and settle in one place.
I'm a semi-retired investor but my passion is writing and teaching about self-development and spirituality (Psychology, Meditation, Yoga, Tantra, that sort of thing). I'm financially stable and independent but not really interested in expensive lifestyles. I prefer to be rich in time rather than money but having a steady income is part of that.
Left to my own devices, I will probably end up building and running a spiritual/wellness retreat one day, and I'd love that to be a shared project with a partner in crime who has a similar vision and approach to life.
I was married for 12 years until she died in 2011 (no kids though). Since then I've had a few relationships but not really clicked with the right person yet (often due to my strange, alternative beliefs and lifestyle). In recent years I've been much more attracted to transwomen than genetic women.

I'm totally versatile and hoping for the same. Having said that, exceptions can always be made if my heart feels an irresistible pull (these days my heart rules over my penis, I'm proud to say!). As a tantra/energy teacher, I'm someone who believes in a fluid, evolving sexuality and that's something I'd like us to facilitate and develop in each other. I'm not into tops who are too domineering, though. I'm here to find a good woman not a fetish star, so grace, tenderness and sensitivity is what melts and seduces me, and ultimately what brings me to this site. Someone who knows the difference between having sex and making Love.

What else? Healthy lifestyle, keeping fit and staying young. Good sense of humour and adventure. After that it's all about kindness, integrity and maturity. Sexuality is a major driving force for me but in the long term a person's clarity of mind, purity of heart and vibrancy of soul are what I will stay in love with.