You really think that I can be your girl. Really??

I am interested in men between 22 and 50

I am looking for Making friends, Relationship & Marriage


174 cm (5'8")
60 kg (132 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Would travel
I don’t know
Would relocate
I don’t know
Education level
Caucasian (white)
Eating habits
I live
With my family
I drink
I smoke
Never, I can’t stand smoke
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
Sexual role


I don have man understanding I dont have anything like man. 1000%girl here
Friends I can be with al people.
I have standards I am not one off cheap girls from street

'This is Dating site for Lady&Gentleman'

I am lady But I didnt see Gentleman?Here I meet so many

1.Liar (they lie about everyting)

2.Cowards (they have fear of women,obligations,relationship and together life)

3.Poor man (I dont understand how do you want to have a girlfriend if you dont have money for travel,together life

4.Rich man( they think he can buy everyting with money,and never have time for girl because always have so much work.If you want having girl you need have time for girl & she need be your priority! No work.)

5.Young boys (they watch porno movies and think Love is fantasy from porno world with penis and plastic boobs.No wrong.I am normal beautiful woman withno penis and with natural boobs and with high standards. And probably not interesed for you because you need grow up and become independet)'' Fantasy is expencive , love is free.''

6.Look ( look is not important for me on man. Man can be ugly..I am enogh beauty for both.You need be everyting else.

7. You need have Balls! Especially in head (brain) all man have balls betwen legs. But that does not mean nothing!

8. I am not interesed to man who going to bars,party and drogs!Drink a lot and have LGBT friends and a lot of ex girls.I am not prostitute and bitch and I have same criteria when I look at man.
I am not promiscuous!

9.If you are Bootom or Versatile you are gay for me.GAY AND BISEKSUAL PEOPLE do not disturb please!

10.I have Vagina!

11.I had very hard life journey and I am not available for everyone!

12.If you married or in relationship and here you are sick!

13.LadyBoys is a guys and exist just in Thailand.Postop girls is just oridinary girls with vagina.Transgender girls its girls with penis.Nobody from Europe cant be LadyBoy.

14.If you ask me for Whatshapp and I gave you my number Be sure in that I will very fast block you
1. If you dont have time for chat.*
2. If you speak with me on Whatshapp and you are still here *
3. If you ignoring my message.*
4.If I ask you someting and you say no, my perfect man cant say no.*
5.No tolerance here*
6.Just one chance *

15.I got feedback from guys here that my standards are very high. Damn!hah.Okay from now I looking for guys who have Lamborghini in all my fave nude colours and building on Manhattan and withno limit card for shopping everyday every hour every min and all the time.I hope so I will find someone with no limit card for collab with my shopping skils. I Am Sure That I Will Easer Find Someone Like This then someone who is honest and have love for me. Hight standards in this disgusting world is expect honest, love and not cheat from someone.

16.If you looking for sex you are on absulute wrong profile. No sex with strangers here.If you dont have time dont contact me I deserve respect and full attention 0-24 .I dont care for your money