In search of my soulmate!

I am interested in men between 35 and 58

I am looking for Relationship & Marriage


179 cm (5'10")
89 kg (196 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Very attractive
Would travel
Would relocate
Scientist / research
Education level
Caucasian (white)
Eating habits
I live
I drink
I smoke
Never, I can’t stand smoke
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
Sexual role


I am fun and outgoing girl with so much of care and love to give to someone especial.

I am looking for real qualities in a partner, such as his moral values, his character, sense of humour and so on.

I have a dominant nature in general but i can be very submissive once in love.

I love, dining, cooking, nature and traveling and shopping.

I will not date anyone below age 35 or above 55 and i won't entertain any profile without clear photos.

Your race or colour doesn't matter at all as long as you know how to charm the heart of a fine lady like me.

You must be financially indipendent, you don't have to be rich but you must be the man of your own. I am not looking for suger daddy or else but i admire self-made and confident men as i am a self-made and indipendent girl and my man should be able to provide my basic needs as his wife/life partner within his financial limits and capabilities.

I also wish to highlight that i am all real and i haven't done any kind of surgery. up or down. Naturally just me as in my photos.

I am sexualy open minded and love roleplays, latex, lingeries, heels and fashionable dresses.

You must know what you want from me and yourself, meanwhile i wish to inform you that i am a big bone girl.

You can think of wonder woman to picture my entire figure in reality.

If i ever askd you, how is your day?
I expect you to answer "Wonderful" so i would know you read my profile once before approaching me. ;-)

You must be into trans girls, basically a trans admierer, otherwise you can't make me feel like a queen in your eyes and we wont be able to match at all.

I am only looking for a serious relationship, base on mutual respect and trust.

Consider traveling to me to let me know you in person once we clicked online as i do not wish to waste my time for long chit chatting with a stranger for no good.

If you can't do it, please don't even approach me from the first place.

I dream of having a happy family and adopting a few kids if we both agree.

I am only looking for a possible and potential life partner, nothing else.

My likes, dislikes and believes:

I don't like cats but i love dogs.
I do not believe in astrology.
I do not believe in luck.

I believe in God.
I believe in Human.
I believe in power of unity.
I believe in hard and smart work.

Things i value:
Honesty, family, wisdom and experience, maturity, humility, wealth and health, kind heart, strong character, intellect, time, trust , loyality and real smiles.

At the end, if i didn't reply your text message after few days ,that simply means i am not interested.

Thanks for reading my long profile.