Hopeless romantic. Professional. Dork.

I am interested in men between 18 and 45

I am looking for Fun / dating, Making friends, Relationship, and Marriage


English and Filipino
178 cm (5'10")
76 kg (168 lbs)
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Im trying this site again and giving it another chance. I met someone here in 2016 and we were in a long-distance relationship until recently. We had a great time but ultimately, it was not working out anymore and we mutually decided to end the relationship.

So it goes without saying that if you are interested in a relationship with me, you have to understand that it will have to be long-distance temporarily, with an agreement that at some point, one will have to settle in another country. If that set up does not work for you, then no way this is going to work out and in that case, theres no need to communicate.

- I want you to know that Im in it for the long-haul. My relationships are all long term and I can guarantee monogamy as it is what I would expect from you.

-I can smell a chaser from thousands of miles away, so any inkling of you just trying to fetishize me and I immediately lose interest, dont even bother messaging me.

- I dont have a lot to my name, but I am proud to say that what little I have, I worked really hard for. Its hard to gain success in the corporate world for girls like me here in the Philippines, but I paid my dues and my hard work put me to the position I am in now, and it doesnt stop here. I will continue to work hard until I reach my goals.

Some personal things about me:

- I can say that I am a mix of conservative and liberal. My views are never black or white, it all depends on the situation.

- I cant say that I am a conventional Filipino transgender girl. I dont have a small frame, Im tall for a Filipino, I dont dream to be as skinny as a twig, and I dont dream to have lighter skin. In a room full of people, Im 90% sure I will always stick out.

- My voice is a very sensitive topic for me. More on that when were actually talking.

- My interests include badminton, playing video games, listening to music, running, watching movies and eating, among many other things. I have an appetite you cant even imagine.

- Im mildly popular on social media. I have a decent following on Insta. I know I cannot share my profile here so Im gonna let you do the leg work. All it takes is just a couple of useful hashtags.

- I only started transitioning in 2015, so I hope you remain patient and supportive of me.

If you managed to get this far, remind me to buy you a cup of coffee if and when we get to meet in person. You at least deserve that.

Why are they removing the punctuation marks in my bio? It makes me look like an idiot who cant write.


I never send the first message. Im not a snob, Im just really that shy. So if you are interested. Send me a message.