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If gorgeous doesn’t come out often in your vocabulary usage then I am guessing you haven’t visited Makati just yet. Makati is a key city in the Philippines and an upscale one. It is the center of business district and you can see all the major brands from all over the world having their offices in this area. When I said gorgeous transsexual women that is what I really meant. Makati is so amazing and sometimes unreal I haven’t seen such beautiful transsexual women than in any other place from this one. This is hard to say but it’s the truth that many transsexual women here are even prettier than heterosexual woman in this island nation.

Being that Makati is the center of business district you should also be aware that visiting and staying around this area can get a little bit pricey but I have to tell you that you’ll enjoy every bit of it. Transsexual women from Makati know their worth and they want to be treated like a classy woman and I admire this from them, they’re really one of a kind. Makati is a small area but there are very interesting places to visit. Glorietta is a big mall and Landmark too but if you are looking for nice restaurants or some kind of an outdoor bar you have to visit Greenbelt. Greenbelt is more upscale and it is very nice to have a drink at an outdoor bar with some trees neatly lined outside, it really is a cool place to hang out. There is also a very nice museum here called “Ayala Museum” you will discover a rich history of this very interesting island country. Enjoy the place and the people too and I am sure that you will have a blast.

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Transsexual women in Makati are very loving and warm some of them can be loud too because in their culture as like in other South American countries they talk to each other passionately where we perceive this as fighting they are just generally loud and happy people. If you are looking for a place to interact with transgender, I am sure that you can meet gorgeous transsexual women from Makati with My Ladyboy Date. Be taken aback with these wonderful transsexual women and I am sure that this just might be the one you are waiting for. Stop holding back and sign up today!

Latest profiles from Makati

  • Lara
    21  /  non-op trans
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Rnie
    23  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Donic
    37  /  transgender  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Yan
    35  /  pre-op trans  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Micka
    30  /  pre-op trans  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Cee
    27  /  pre-op trans  /  Separated
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Queency
    25  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Kheanna
    23  /  pre-op trans
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Adam
    31  /  male  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Richie
    32  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Mac
    35  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Lexa
    26  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Mayet
    32  /  pre-op trans  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Dakki
    29  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Greg
    49  /  male  /  Divorced
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Paul
    45  /  male  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Monique
    27  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Taylor
    24  /  transgender  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Adashine
    31  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati
  • Aikz
    26  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (Philippines) Makati

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