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Meeting ladyboys in Italy

Italy is a world-renowned tourist destination with historical sites and a unique culture. There are a number of unique experiences you can only have in italy. So it’s a definite bucketlist destination if you’re planning to visit Europe.

Over the years Italy has become a more accommodating country towards the LGBT community. But there is still discrimination against ladyboys here. There is still a lot to do to make Italy a great place to live for ladyboys.

The term ladyboy is not appreciated by everyone. We use it on this page for educational purposes. For a detailed explanation, please read our dedicated page on the term “ladyboy”.

Getting to know ladyboys in Italy

There was evidence that trans women existed in Italy’s history. In Ancient Rome, there were individuals who were known to be trans. One such person was Egalabus, a transgender empress.

Ladyboy from Italy
Ladyboy from Italy –

There is also a history of a third gender called Femminiello in Neapolitan culture. They are assigned male at birth but adopt a feminine gender expression. So Italy did not start out transphobic or discriminatory towards the LGBT.

Ladyboys in Italy still don’t have the best quality of life. But they have allowed trans people to legally change their gender without surgery. Italy also provides coverage for trans healthcare. So these are a few wins to celebrate when we talk about the progress Italy has made.

Meeting places in Italy

It might be a bit of a challenge to find ladyboys near you in Italy. But here are some of the spots we recommend when you happen to be in these areas.

Gender Klub in Rome

This is a trans bar in Rome that’s not for the faint of heart. They have adult-only activities here for adventurous individuals. Make sure that you inquire ahead of time since this is a private club. So if you want some excitement, this is the place for you.

Gender Klub
Gender Klub – Facebook @Gendercirko


Mono Bar in Milan

Tired of going to big parties at clubs? You can go to this cozy little place in Milan where they showcase art. It’s an LGBT-friendly place where everyone is welcome. You can have a peaceful evening of eating their great food and drinks. So make sure to drop by and meet likeminded people in Milan.

Mono Bar
Mono Bar – Facebook @monobar.milano


Intra Moenia in Naples

This gay-friendly cafe is popular with the LGBT community. They hold small events for writers here and they also have live music on most nights. You can even meet LGBT patrons here. It’s the perfect place to sit, read a book, and mingle with new people.

Intra Moenia
Intra Moenia – Instagram @caffeletterariointramoenia


Ladyboy dating in Italy made easy

Sure you can always go to clubs and bars to meet ladyboys. But don’t you want an easier way to do it in Italy? The best way for you to meet ladyboys in Italy is through My Ladyboy Date.

My Ladyboy Date homepage
My Ladyboy Date homepage

You don’t even have to leave home. All you need to do is sign up and browse through our profiles. There are thousands of ladyboys waiting to meet you. That makes ladyboy dating easy wherever you are in Italy!

LGBT Organization in Italy: Arcigay

There are organizations in Italy dedicated to supporting the LGBT community. These organizations are typically run by volunteers and operating on a non-profit basis. They offer various resources and initiatives aimed at helping transgender women in need.

Arcigay – Facebook @Arcigay

Arcigay is known as the largest non-profit organization in Italy that supports the LGBT community. It was founded in 1985 and is led by volunteers and activists. Arcigay is deeply committed to promoting equality and empowering individuals to express their true selves. They continue to challenge stereotypes and discrimination faced by the LGBT community.


The best dating site for ladyboys

There are other websites where you can meet ladyboys. But most of the time you’ll find yourself browsing through fake profiles. There’s none of that here.

My Ladyboy Date team building photoshoot
My Ladyboy Date team building photoshoot –

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