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India is among the top lists places that people around the world would want to visit. Think Taj Mahal, riding elephants, food exploration and many other things. Some people have India on their bucket list especially the famed majestic beauty of Taj Mahal. Aside from the natural beauty of this country, people are a bunch of good company too. They are very open to welcome people from foreign country despite them being famous for their caste system. I believe that given some time and proper introduction once they find ease in a conversation, transsexual woman from India are very accommodating people too. There’s a vast of rich culture and wonderful transsexual woman from India waiting to meet you. Hijra is a popular term in India which means hermaphrodite. However, in general hijras are born with male physiology and there’s only a few having been born with male intersex variations. Hijras undergo an initiation rite into the hijra community called nirwaan, which refers to the removal of penis, testicles and scrotum. Visiting India will be one of your greatest experiences and a part of that could be meeting the partner of your life. Make this experience one of your best and be sure that you’ll never regret one single moment of your time spent in this beautiful country amassed of true wonders. Captivating ladyboys from India awaits you. Start your journey to love today by signing up.

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Latest profiles from India

  • Lisa
    27  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (India) Asansol
  • Zarry
    30  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (India) India
  • Arnab
    25  /  male  /  Single
    (India) Hyderabad
  • Sameer
    35  /  male  /  Separated
    (India) Delhi
  • Safiya
    25  /  pre-op trans  /  Single
    (India) Bangalore
  • Deepak
    39  /  male  /  Single
    (India) Chennai
  • Ashley
    26  /  pre-op trans  /  Single
    (India) Kottayam
  • #774138
    29  /  non-op trans  /  Single
    (India) Kolkata
  • Jaya
    37  /  post-op trans  /  Single
    (India) Mumbai
  • Devi
    30  /  pre-op trans  /  Single
    (India) India
  • Ashwin
    27  /  male  /  Single
    (India) India
  • Manvee
    24  /  pre-op trans  /  Single
    (India) Mumbai
  • Nurish
    38  /  transvestite  /  Single
    (India) Kolkata
  • Rachel
    29  /  pre-op trans  /  Single
    (India) Delhi
  • Sandhya
    29  /  post-op trans  /  Single
    (India) Delhi
  • Laaj
    27  /  transvestite  /  Single
    (India) National Capital Territory of Delhi
  • Dino
    34  /  male  /  Single
    (India) India
  • Raji
    28  /  transvestite  /  Single
    (India) Bangalore
  • Rahul
    30  /  male  /  Separated
    (India) Delhi
  • She
    24  /  post-op trans  /  Single
    (India) Mumbai

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