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Over the past decade, India has grown to be more accepting of people from the LGBT community. However, the fight for their rights still continues as India remains a conservative and religious nation. Most individuals who are in the LGBT community find it difficult to come out and be open about their gender identity and sexuality, fearing discrimination from their families who might see homosexuality as shameful or as a sin.

In rural areas, there is still discrimination against LGBT people, however there is growing acceptance of the community in bigger cities. In September 2018, India decriminalized homosexuality which was a big step for awareness, acceptance and tolerance.

There have also been laws that also benefit the trans community in India. Since a third gender has always been recognized because of their culture and history, it’s a constitutional right for trans individuals to change their legal gender. And since 2014, trans people have been allowed to change their gender without sex reassignment surgery. This is largely due to the fact that many trans activists have fought for this right.

In South Asia, eunuchs and hermaphrodites are called Hijras. But this term can also include intersex and trans individuals. Traditionally though, the term means neither man nor woman. Since these individuals have been cast out by their own families, there have been communities that accept and accommodate them for generations. These communities are what they call intentional families, with gurus that guide and teach them the community traditions.

Though these individuals have been cast out, ostracized and discriminated against, you’ll find that Indian ladyboys and Hijras are very open and accepting. Since they know how it feels not to be accepted, you will be surprised how they fight this oppression by countering it with love. They often find it hard to find love in India because of the stigma that surrounds them. But these individuals also long for steady and real relationships with men who can give them reassurance, love, and stability.

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