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Are men who are attracted to trans women, gay? (video)

If there is a question that comes very often, whether it’s asked to transgenders themselves, or asked to men who like transgenders, it’s definitely that one! Does it make you gay, if you are attracted to ladyboys? The answer is not as straight forward as you might think. And actually, what does it mean to […]

Everything you want to know about dating transgenders

(video at the end of the article) At My Ladyboy Date, we take our mission very seriously! Not only do we build bridges between transsexual women and men, but also we’re always very happy to give extra help, tips, and advices when we’re asked. It happens that we get that kind of questions by email, […]

Transgender dating tips for the non-first timers…

And so what if you thought you found “The One” but failed? You can always go back to dating again anyway. Whether you admit it or not, we’re all stubborn people and we always give one-good-thing-turned-out-bad another try. As they say, we should always give Love a chance. So to help you out, here are […]

Filipino Transwoman: “Skeletons out of someone else’s closet”?

These words might all be too familiar if you’re a Super Sireyna fan. Recently, transwomen all over the country came together and celebrated our liberation when people whole heartedly welcomed and recognized the transwomen’s beauties in Eat Bulaga’s Super Sireyna, a pageant for transgender women or commonly known as ladyboys in Asia in which the […]

Why Ladyboy Beauty Pageants are Important?

A lot of people think of ladyboy beauty pageants in a trivial way. Some even think of these as parodies to prestigious beauty pageants for cisgender women. However, what most people don’t know is that ladyboy beauty pageants paved the way for more visibility and recognition for transgender women. Yes, there are a lot of […]

Love, making love and ladyboys (video)

We’ve been interviewed by last month! That was a good opportunity for exposing our mission and our values in front of the camera; as well as our personal experiences regarding dating for transgenders. We wished we could say more, it’s difficult to fit everything in just a couple of minutes, but we will try […]

Insecurities in your relationship

Being a transgender woman, having doubts and insecurities in a relationship is a normal thing. Based on my million years of observation, this usually happened when you date with straight man. The insecurities keep on playing inside your wild imagination because you not only “competing” with other transgender women, but also you’re “competing” with biological […]

Safety tips for dating ladyboys online

Dating is fun! Whether you’re in search of a long term love story, just want to make friends or looking for a one night stand, dating is for sure a fun part of the game. At MyLadyboyDate we try our best to make your dating experience smooth, fun and, above all, SAFE. Today I’d like […]

I am a ladyboy, I have a boyfriend, now what?

Being a ladyboy girlfriend is not easy especially when you are under Hormone Replacement Therapy. If not all, then maybe most transgender women utter these words “I have nice hair, pretty face, cute LV bags, and super gorgeous high heels and I also need a man to be with me!” So there goes searching for […]