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Ladyboy Love is an Invitation of Pain – A Truth or a Myth?

Meg Nuevo
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To some stories about dating Ladyboys or Transgendered women, things aren’t smooth and easy. For some odd reasons most of which ended in frustration, hurt, and anger. Stories coming from both sides of the boat (Men and Transgenders/Ladyboys) seem to add up every single day that no one seems to get more success out of it. Why is this so?  We already know that looking for a date, let alone looking for a Transgender (Ladyboy) Love is not as easy as ABC.

If you track back articles on here, there are a lot of reasons why that is. I believe that despite the awareness of facts surrounding the Transgender or Ladyboy dating world, people may need to get reminded of some things once in a while. Some truths that the Transgender community and the Trans-oriented Men along with our supporters may need to slowly eliminate and hope to eventually, uplift our morale and be able to live the life that we chose – more freely.  So why do you think Ladyboy Love is an Invitation of Pain? Let us assess.

It is a Taboo (For now anyway)

A public knowledge – Everybody knows that dating a Transgendered woman (Ladyboy) is not a common scene everywhere. Even in some Southeast Asian Countries famous for their “tolerance” for the existence of the Transgendered people in general, like the Philippines or Thailand, the dating scenario is still seen as something very unusual. Therefore, publicly showing once affection may not be as easy as how most people would perceive it to be and most of the time this is causing couples a lot of inconvenience and some sense of discomfort.

This is a relationship that is most of the time founded by Lust and Insecurity. (True or Not?)

Most of these failed relationships can be seen from different perspectives but more likely, failure sprouted from insecurity and lack of trust. Maybe insecurity that has slowly developed or may had been subconsciously there already before the relationship even started. These negative thoughts could have come from past relationships and to some, from misconception and the lack of understanding as to how Transgender or Ladyboy Love really works. To most of us in trans-oriented relationships, having a relationship and keeping it at a working pace is a struggle. Why? This is because most of us aren’t happy and secured about what we really want and where it’s heading to. Determining what really makes us happy finding that security within ourselves is a very important tool in keeping us “whole”.

Not understanding the importance of Pain

It may sound odd but experiencing pain and suffering is not entirely a bad thing. Like how the cliché goes – It’s not how you stumbled but how you got up is what’s important. Most of us do not see the glass half full in these occasions; leaving us having a bad taste in our mouth whenever we see ourselves falter. Pains and heartaches are all part of the package in finding that one true love. Without it, your journey will never feel as complete as you perceived it to be. In the end, if you realize the importance of the times you stumbled and fell and how you managed to rule over them, you can definitely say that the long and winding road was all worth it.

A piece of advice – Listen to what your heart says and believe that you can make it happen. Be firm and be happy! [Wink]

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