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Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

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Amanda Valentine has been a writer for My Ladyboy Date for over 10 years. She writes various topics on trans dating and other trans-related content. Her personal experiences as a transgender woman have given her a unique point of view on trans topics. She has written 5 books on trans women’s relationships and has made it on Amazon’s best-seller list. Her book “Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen” reached #3 on the Transgender Studies category on Amazon. Her love for writing started when she won a poetry contest in 4th grade which made her pursue a career in literature.

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How I handled a cheating boyfriend

Any type of abuse should not be tolerated.  As a woman in the world of transgender dating and a former adult entertainer, I’ve had my fair share with jerks and a-holes.  Today, I’m going to share with you the things I did in order to recover from a bad relationship plus a bonus of how […]

The perfect gift for the ladyboy you’re dating

Are you new to dating ladyboys and have zero clues on ladyboy gift ideas? It’s quite daunting most especially if you’ve never had a first-hand experience with dating one but in this guide, you’re going to exactly know what gifts ladyboys truly appreciate on different occasions. Before you swipe your credit card, you must know […]

Common traits of ladyboys in Asia

Have you crossed the line of confusion and are you certain that you want to meet ladyboys in Asia? There’s one vital thing that you should know before trying to meet ladyboys. They are not manufactured by Ladyboys R Us. You don’t come in a store and see them lined up for the taking (apart […]

Yes, she’s a ladyboy and she’s a mother

There are a lot of trivial matters which are mostly associated when it comes to ladyboys in Asia.Most of the things talked about are how ladyboys are very feminine, “traps”, or other comical jokes to please the ignorant bigots. Some even give out unoriginal disclaimers like “Ask for a birth certificate before you date women […]

Cosmetic surgery for ladyboys (with before and after photos)

Hey guys! I’ve missed this. “This” pertains to MyLadyboyDate! Need information about Ladyboy Cosmetic Surgery? I’ve got you covered. I’m Amanda Dela Cruz, a Ladyboy and former writer for Sir Cyril was gracious enough in letting me share my musings again! Today, I’m going to talk about the best affordable cosmetic surgery in Manila, […]

I am a ladyboy, and I am frustrated

.Dear My Ladyboy Date readers… Today I’m feeling very frustrated and sad. I just realized that a lot of people from the past have used me for different sorts of reasons and even if I am doing my best to muster the strength into fighting it, I still end up being the compassionate and helpful […]

What makes men addicted to Ladyboys?

There are so many bad habits in this world. However, when it comes to the talk of being partial towards one type of woman, does the term “bad” even apply? I’m a ladyboy myself and I know for a fact that a lot of men become so addicted to us. Even men who initially disdain […]

What makes ladyboys mad

The age-old question which is vital in establishing a great relationship with someone is “What makes you mad?” Why is it so important to know what makes a person mad or in this case… What ticks of ladyboys? A lot of us may deny it but all of us are egoistic. We may say that […]

3 major fears about dating ladyboys

What does the future hold for men who date Ladyboys? A lot of unanswered questions lie ahead in having relationships with Ladyboys. You can foresee a great amount of hardships, trials and sadness but the rewards that await you are nevertheless fruitful. Have you ever pictured yourself having a complicated life in order to experience the […]