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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Ladyboy Date

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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The season of love is coming and the majority of the male members of My Ladyboy Date are getting to know women overseas so I’m going to share with you some gift ideas that may work well with your long-distance relationship.  Love is an emotion that can travel far and wide.  I know how presence is very important when it comes to relationships but making your partner FEEL LOVED especially on Valentine’s Day is very important if you want what you have flourish further.

Let’s start with…

Online Florists

I know how it can be very romantic if the man picks the flowers himself but there are a lot of professionals out there who are very good at presenting these beauties.  Valentine’s Day gifts should be packaged very well and I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of websites which you can choose from in order to send your ladyboy date flowers on this special day.  These companies usually offer chocolates to go along with the flowers for an additional price as well and what kind of girl does not want chocolates?

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Valentine’s Day E-Card

Up to this day, I still like greeting cards and I think they’re very romantic especially if they come with a personalized written message.  Pour your heart out using E-Card templates available online and surprise your ladyboy date through her inbox.  Since you’re not going to be able to meet her in person, be sure that the letter is lengthy and well-thought-out because it will make her appreciate how much effort you’ve gone through in sending something seemingly mundane.

Something She Likes

If you want to give something to her that she mentioned she likes but do not have yet, look on online-shopping malls that are popular in her country in order for the shipping time to be way shorter than you buying it in the west and sending it to her which will arrive way later than the special day.  In the Philippines, websites such as Lazada, Zalora, and Shopee, are very popular.  You can literally find anything from these 3 websites. You just have to remember what she’s really into.

Something for her Job

In connection with the section above, it’s also a great idea to send your ladyboy date something that is related to her job which she’ll be able to utilize in helping further her career.  If she’s a makeup artist, you can buy her a set of makeup brushes.  If she works in the office, maybe a tumbler or a coffee mug.  You don’t have to give her something expensive yet she’ll realize how thoughtful you are.  As cliched as it may sound, at the end of the day, it’s the thought that counts.

Happy Valentine’s to you and her and Good Luck!



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