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Yes, she’s a ladyboy and she’s a mother

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There are a lot of trivial matters which are mostly associated when it comes to ladyboys in Asia.
Most of the things talked about are how ladyboys are very feminine, “traps”, or other comical jokes to please the ignorant bigots.

Some even give out unoriginal disclaimers like “Ask for a birth certificate before you date women from Thailand” or “Be careful with the pretty girls from Asia”.

In fact, nobody needs uncalled for “warnings” and Asian ladyboys definitely don’t yearn for back-handed compliments. A birth certificate shouldn’t define one’s real gender. There are ladyboys from Asia with male birth certificates but papers don’t define how amazing mothers some of them are.

Disclaimer: To protect the family’s identity, we blurred their photos and changed their names.

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Meet Mariah: a Ladyboy and a Mother

MyLadyboyDate is a decent dating website for ladyboys, Mother’s Day is on Sunday and I needed something relevant and insightful.

There’s still a stigma towards gay/ladyboy parents in the Philippines and Asia. I want to eradicate it by sharing a REAL story from a REAL mother.

Mariah is my pick for this article because I’ve known how good of a mother she is for years.

Mariah the Woman

Mariah used to work as an entertainer in Japan but she chose to forget the lavish lifestyle to pursue her passion for hairstyling.

She opened her first salon in Quezon City, Philippines, and her clients were from different walks of life.

I love how her face turns bright when she reminisces about the fabulous celebrities who’d happily leave her salon thanks to their hair. She’s also filled with glee when she talks about how luxurious her work was in Japan. One of my favorites is when she talks about her ex-boyfriends.

There’s only one thing that she discusses with not only a smile on her face but also with burning pride though: her daughters.

Mariah the Mother

Her new salon is VERY busy but she’s still gracious as ever. Gracious enough that she agreed to do the short interview with me while she’s flat-ironing her customer’s hair.

What I love about Mariah is she’s not as catty as other ladyboys. She talks, acts, and thinks like a Mother. I find myself very babied in her company. What I don’t like about her is her new hairstyle. She’s gone from a very cute pixie-cut to semi-bald.

Moving on to the Interview. Her two daughters, Whitney and Toni, are 7 and 5 years old.

MLD Amanda: How long have you been a mother?

Mariah: More than 7 years.

MLD Amanda: Is being a mother difficult?

Mariah: It can be but in retrospect, it’s not. Being a mother is very rewarding.

MLD Amanda: What’s the toughest situation that you have to go through as a mother?

Mariah: When my daughters get sick, it’s very tough for me. If I can only be a surrogate for their pain I would. I just can’t help but worry.

MLD Amanda: Were there instances that your kids got bullied for having a ladyboy mother?

Mariah: None so far. I want to keep their innocence for as long as I can. I’ll explain everything to them when they’re at the right age.

MLD Amanda: What are your dreams for your daughters?

Mariah: I want them to be lawyers but they want to be models. I’ll support whatever they want.

MLD Amanda: What are the nicest things that your daughters did for you?

Mariah: They’re very affectionate. They always give kisses and hugs and they tell me they love me.

MLD Amanda: Would you consider co-parenting if the right man comes along?

Mariah: I’d love to! Where is he?

My Take

Mariah may just be another Ladyboy from Asia to some but she is much more than that.

From the short interview and the years of knowing her and with her daughters, I can attest that she is one of the best mothers out there.

There was an instance that she had to storm through Whitney’s school to get an abusive teacher expelled (he spanked her daughter). “Nobody touches my kids!” while she was telling me the story still reverberates up to this day.

Her daughters are always well-mannered, respectful, kind, and affectionate. They often quietly color, play video games, or talk to their mom’s clients while their mom works in the salon. I’ve also never heard curse words come out of their mouths. It is very impressive to me as I was already saying things like dumb, crazy, and etc. in my vernacular when I was 7 lol.

Apart from Whitney and Toni being very cute, they’re also smart and inquisitive. What touches me the most is when they get very protective of their mother. For example, when Mariah wears low-cut tops, they’d be like “Mom don’t show your breast! Change your outfit”.

Final Words

Being a mother doesn’t require the letter “F” on the birth certificate. It requires patience, understanding and above all, love. Pregnancy starts and ends in 9 months but motherhood… it’s for a lifetime.

Happy Mother’s day!



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