The perfect gift for the ladyboy you’re dating

Posted on June 9, 2018
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I’m the type of person who shows appreciation through giving gifts. If you’re like me but you don’t know what to give to the ladyboy you’re dating, then, by all means, keep reading.

There are 5 ways that a person shows love. Those are Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Giving Gifts, Quality Time, and Physical Touch. As an Aquarius, I’m not really good with words, physical touch, quality time, and acts of service.

So you’ve known this ladyboy you’ve been dating for quite some time now. I’m sure that you’re also aware of what she does for a living. It’s good to start with what she can use daily for work.

I don’t advise giving perfumes because we all have different preferences when it comes to scents. Stay away from skincare as well because we have different skin types. You don’t want your gift to be rotting on top of her vanity, don’t you? I know how it feels because a man gave me a set of luxury haircare and it’s literally expiring in my bathroom.

Perfect gifts for the ladyboy you’re dating


I used to work in a corporate world and bags are of necessity. Get something that’s classic (you can’t go wrong with that). Pick colors like black, brown or red. I hate white handbags because my bag is often sitting beside my coffee mug on my desk. Also, look for something with a lot of compartments because most of us love makeup.

It doesn’t have to be branded but good quality leather will be greatly appreciated. If you know your ladyboy date very well, choose something that’s of her favorite color.


I know what you’re thinking and stop with the pearl necklace thoughts, you naughty scoundrel.

Nothing’s more romantic than a dainty necklace that means something. Maybe you can get something with her initials or a heart locket. Keep it girly just like her delicate heart. A feminine necklace matches with everything.

Avoid buying very cheap ones because some people are acidic or have sensitive skin and you don’t want to give her rashes. Stay away from copper, nickel, and brass-based jewelry. If you have the budget, buy something that’s gold so it’s sure to be hypoallergenic.

Wouldn’t it evoke delight on your face seeing the necklace that you gave your ladyboy date through her daily selfies? A woman with a bare décolletage and a boyfriend is an abandoned girlfriend.


My job is dealing with the internet a lot and if the ladyboy you’re dating is the same as I am, then gadgets are your first pick. Apart from my writing job with My Ladyboy Date, I also own a blog and nothing can get more annoying than a tortoise computer. I often multitask and I need something that has a good amount of ram.

If your ladyboy date is a digital artist, blogger, vlogger, virtual assistant, or whatever that deals with the internet, a good computer will be greatly appreciated by her. Cameras are also amazing if your ladyboy date is a makeup artist or a photographer.

You might think that this section spells sugar daddy but it’s not like buying her a car or a house. A nifty gadget that’ll help her career will be more meaningful than something superficial like roses or an Agent Provocateur lingerie.



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  1. disqus_XSGb2mzrxF says:

    Aka, 5 ways to spend your money on junk that loses its value as soon as you buy it. Why not make something for her that’s free? Men don’t need to spend money on women to show our affection.

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