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Valentine’s Getaway Ideas with Your Ladyboy Girlfriend

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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If you are dating a ladyboy, you’re probably dating someone from Southeast Asia. This may pose a challenge if you’re not familiar with the region if you’re planning to take her out on a very special Valentine’s date.

In this guide, you will discover some of the best places to go on a date in Asia. It will be divided into key cities. Should you find that it is lacking mention of your place, kindly write your location in the comments section.


The land of smiles is also famous for being home to the most beautiful ladyboys. It won’t come as a surprise if you’re dating a Thai ladyboy. It is perfectly normal for your girlfriend who’s a local to the place to give you a tour and plan the itinerary.

thailand view


However, when it comes to a Valentine’s date, you must do all of the work. If she is from Bangkok, finding a place to go on a date won’t be much of a challenge. It’s a metropolitan city that offers everything that your heart desires.

If you are up for an afternoon high tea, you could check out Erawan Tea Room. If that sounds boring to you, head on to Iconsiam and experience the lights and nightlife that the city has to offer.

Should you be the more romantic type, book a dinner for two on the River Star Princess Chao Phraya cruise.


If your girlfriend is from Pattaya, you’ll have more options of what to do on Valentine’s day. The reason being is because it’s a place that mixes beach life with city life.

Why not get a couple’s massage right after having dinner at a quaint restaurant on the seaside? You can also start it with a tour of the Pattaya Elephant Village and make irreplaceable memories. Are you the classic type? Wine and dine her in Royal Garden Plaza.


If you have no issues with the budget, why not take her to Phuket? It’s a world-famous island that has been visited by numerous high-profile personalities. You must know that it’s one of the most expensive places to go on a tour in Thailand so you must have your wallet ready.

Racha Island is one of the most beautiful places in Phuket. However, staying in it can be quite costly. If you are looking for a luxurious and intimate moment with picturesque views, you must not miss it.

You can also up the ante by taking her on a helicopter trip. This will truly take her breath away and will be a good primer before landing on a restaurant of your choice.

If you want to experience Phuket without breaking the bank, you may do so at Patong beach. This place has a mix of luxury and affordable options for your upcoming Valentine’s date.

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Coming close to Thailand when it comes to ladyboys is the Philippines. Are you dating a Filipino ladyboy? Don’t fret, this country is not tagged as more fun if it isn’t.

Philippines view


The city is brimming with busy and lively energy. It is quite overwhelming as there are tons of places to go to. If you want a fancy experience, you may explore fine-dining restaurants in Makati and Quezon City. However, to make it less complicated, you can simply book reservations in restaurants in Greenbelt or hotels such as the Shangri-la and Okada.

You may also go to less expensive places along Roxas boulevard. You won’t run out of choices. You can also book a romantic dinner for two in the Manila Yacht Club.


Cebu is not only known as a metropolitan city, it also has great proximity to world-class islands. Impress her by showing her the beauty of Camotes or Bantayan islands. Start your romantic Valentine’s date with a dip in the beaches, take a break by having a romantic meal, then end it with a couple’s massage.


Just like Cebu, it is known to have world-class islands. However, if you want to just relax and dress-up, you should visit Bondi and Bourke. Please know that this restaurant is almost always fully booked. Reserving seats online prior to your date will be extra smart.

Baguio and Tagaytay City

Baguio is known as the summer capital of the Philippines. It boasts truly breathtaking mountain views. Some hotels and restaurants will offer you both romance and scenery.

Should you want to experience the same but don’t want to tread too far from Manila, try Tagaytay City. It’s only around 2-3 hours away from the capital and you’re truly going to have a spectacular time.


Does your ladyboy live in Malaysia and Indonesia? If so, you should definitely take her to Singapore. However, you must know that Singapore is one of the most expensive cities to dine in (unless you take her to a hawker place which can be romantic too).


If you want to level it up, you should try going taking her to Sentosa. If that’s out of your budget, you can stroll around the Gardens By The Bay then choose from the plentiful options of restaurants in the city.


This is quite tough because China is a robust, gigantic, and wildly beautiful country. Taking your Chinese ladyboy girlfriend for an experience of a lifetime can be overwhelming. However, you won’t fail if you take her to Shanghai.

China view

After all, you’re never going to run out of things to do in Shanghai. If you want an intimate and romantic day date, try taking her to Changfeng Park. Should you want a more metropolitan feel, find a restaurant in The Bund. Take it up a notch by booking a Huangpu River Cruise to enjoy the sights while exchanging sweet nothings.


A lot of Japanese ladyboys are quite feminine and it’s not surprising that you’re dating one. If she’s the fancy type, you should check out Ginza. You’re going to find a lot of upscale restaurants there.

Japanese threes

If she’s a bit lowkey and prefers nature, take her to the outskirts of Tokyo. Shinjuku or Mt. Fuji.

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