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Why Filipina Ladyboys Make The Perfect Wives

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Are you at the stage of your life where settling down seems like a good option? Is a ladyboy the only possible partner for you? If so, you must discover why Filipinas are often dubbed to make good wives. Moreover, what makes this even more special is because it focuses on ladyboy wives.

Please know that you can marry any ladyboy of whatever nationality or ethnicity. This guide was only created to supplement your journey to finding the one. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Cultural Factors

Different countries have different cultures. This is why it’s very common for people from the same country to share beliefs, virtues, and traditions. This section will enlist what encompasses a typical Filipino ladyboy.

Filipino streets

Feminine Virtues

Generally, Filipinos are very welcoming to people from all walks of life. They are also open to change and equality. However, most of the women still uphold feminine virtues and it is mainly the reason why a lot of men, especially from the west, happily marry them.

Because the culture and traditions of Filipinos are heavily influenced by the bible and the Spanish occupation, a lot of women still revere traditionally feminine women.

What this entails is that they are not opposed to gender roles. Most of the women still like to be housewives and cater to their men. A lot of them willingly submit (don’t confuse with abuse) to their husbands. Because of this, arguments are less apparent and relationships are often harmonious.

Common Characteristics

Many Filipina ladyboys channel their feminine nature. They’re sweet, non-combative, and friendly. They’re also cheerful and don’t let small problems cloud the most important things in life.

The Philippines may not be a rich country but its people are resilient. Situated in the ring of fire and often visited by calamities, Filipinos learned the saying “there’s always a rainbow after the rain” both literally and figuratively.

Apart from being resilient and positive, they are also known to be good in bed. After all, a lot of them grew up watching passionate telenovelas. Also, they have common Hispanic traits that deal with “fire”. Expect that they know how to turn up the heat.


Most Filipina ladyboys were raised to be humble, loyal, and obedient. They were also taught a good amount of not only self-respect but respect for others. This is why if you have social circles, having a Filipina ladyboy wife in your life won’t be a burden. The reason being is because they know how to treat people with courtesy and kindness.

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Now that you have an idea of their common traits, it’s time to get to know them on a personal level. Please know that each individual is different. This section only defines Filipina ladyboys in general.

Cute ladyboy

Social Graces

The Philippines has been occupied for more than 300 years by Spain. Because Spain used to have a monarchy, Filipinos were influenced to socialize with different people. With this socialization comes good etiquette. If you’re dating a Filipino ladyboy, you’re assured that she’ll have good manners.

Apart from that, Filipinas are naturally reserved. They are not fans of making a scene.

Communication Skills

You may not be aware that the Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking country. A lot of Filipino ladyboys make the perfect wives because the language barrier will barely be an issue. Yes, they are not as adept with common slangs but generally speaking, they speak and comprehend the language very well.

Just like what they say, in a relationship, communication is key. With a Filipina ladyboy wife, this will be the least of your problems.


Most Filipina ladyboys are not only feminine because a lot of them are passable. Their femininity goes skin-deep. This goes down as far as with their virtues. To further elaborate on this one, below’s a list of how they usually are.

  • They don’t like escalating arguments.
  • They know when to stay quiet.
  • Beating others is not their idea of gratification.
  • They know how to appreciate the strengths of others.
  • Working hard is natural for them.
  • Arrogance turns them off, thus, they don’t resort to it.
  • They’re very caring, even to strangers.
  • They revere loyalty and love.
  • Materialism is not something that generally drives them.

As Wives

If what’s written above makes you already want to propose, wait until you get to know them better as wives. In this section, you’ll have a clearer picture as to why they say Filipina ladyboys make the perfect wives.

Cyril and Maki


Nowadays, people put too much reverence on working women. While that’s good, it’s not fair to downplay how important the role of domesticated women are. Being domesticated is a choice and no woman, ladyboy or not, should be subject to society’s ideals of what a great woman is.

A lot of Filipino ladyboys enjoy being domesticated. Not because they don’t have a choice but they really have fun by making other lives comfortable with their efforts.

Furthermore, the majority of people from the Philippines can’t afford help. This is why a lot of ladyboys grew up knowing how to tend for others and themselves. Added to that, in the Philippines, even if most people are not rich, they are very hygienic.


A clean home is very important for a Filipino, no matter what size it is. Filipinos also enjoy food and even simple birthdays can turn into a fiesta. Should a warm homecooked meal, clean home, and clean clothes are important to you, try dating a Filipino ladyboy.

Added to that, they’re also sensitive to one’s needs. You won’t feel like you’re being neglected if you choose to date a Filipino ladyboy.

Networking Skills

Ladyboys from the Philippines are not only well-versed in English. They’re also quite charming and can make friends easily. If you have a business, she will be a great asset to you. You’ll be surprised how she can help you grow your network.

If all of these sound appealing to you, try finding your Filipino ladyboy wife in My Ladyboy Date. However, don’t just date someone based on her nationality. At the end of the day, you still want to be with your soulmate. Log in today and see what cupid has in store for you!

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