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“Congratulations, the app is perfectly well done! You are the best. Greetings.”

(Originally posted in: Spanish)

Kathia, Mexico

“My name is Martin, and I entered this site with the hope of expanding my circle of friends. From the beginning I had very good reception from the whole team, I want to make a very special recognition to Maki, who supported me and guided me in everything with kindness and responsibility. The tools of the site are very simple and easy to understand, I took them all they gave me excellent results, it is very intuitive and there is no problem. Although for me the results were negative I'm sure that will not be the same for other people who look for what they want...”

Martin, Mexico

“The user interface is brilliant and I didn't have any issues. Even then, the moderators replied to my messages, so I consider that a very responsive and helpful team. Those emails made me go back to the website a few times and realise that there are still beautiful trans women creating profiles, some of whom I really want to try to talk to, just for fun. I checked my bank account and I'm on a good day so I went for a year membership. Keep sending me emails, it reminds me to go back to your awesome website :D I'll write my success story on the site later on when it happens, wait for it hahaha :D”

Dorian, Belgium

“Your site is doing great, its my day 2 of using it, and many guys are like buzzing at me. The guys here are good as what I have observed.”

Vanne, Philippines

“Hi, I wanted to say THANK YOU, because of your site I met my ex boyfriend with whom I had a great relationship for almost 4 years. I even got engaged. The funny part is that I subscribed on the site by pure curiosity and fell in love. Thanks to Myladyboydate.com.”

Joanna, France

“Hey there! Just wanna let you know, this site is amazing.”

Sam, Philippines

“The site is awesome! Love the first timers option for guys we can see and the tips in the emails about dating answers questions I've wondered for years. Glad I found this site! Thank you!!”

M.J., United States

“My experience of this site has been overwhelmingly positive. It is a much more pleasent, enjoyable and engaging site than others I have used. Its also where I met my girlfriend so thanks to the site for bringing us together and I hope others will have as much luck! I think its a really good site and the only reason I am coming off it is (long story short) a woman I met on here a while ago we are dating again so no need to be on here :-)”

Murray, United Kingdom

“Fantastic 10/10 always new members to see. People from different countries. Mixed type of people. I like the way you don't tolerate bad behaviour. The fact you still remain visible even when premium has finished so you can come back anytime. Ease of use to navigate around site. The fact you can see hours mins and days when a member was last there”

Nathan, United Kingdom

“I found your site when looking for somewhere to meet trans women for a serious relationship. It's hard to meet girls like that where I live and decided online dating was the best opportunity to find what I was looking for. I joined the site and browsed the different profiles and after some time I decided to become a premium member to message some of the girls I liked. I was hesitant at first but was happily surprised to be able to have good conversations with real people. Some didn't go anywhere, others there was definitely a spark and a few were just friendly chats. I love the email updates when new messages come in and allow you a little preview of the message so you can be thinking of a good response before going back on the site. I ended up having a really good long distance relationship with one girl, but when that ended I came back to the site and am searching again. This site exceeded my expectations and I definitely recommend it to anyone searching for a trans partner. Thank you.”

James, Ireland

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