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Manila, the Philippine capital, is one of the best cities in Southeast Asia when it comes to sightseeing and culture. Aside from a vibrant and bustling urban atmosphere, the people of Manila will welcome you with their sweet smiles and hospitality. Whether you’re travelling to or living in Manila, you’ll find that this upbeat city will make you fall in love. It might even be the place where you’ll find the love of your life.

When it comes to dating Filipino ladyboys, there is still a slight stigma regarding local men dating trans women. Often, due to lack of information or education regarding trans-related issues, a lot of Filipino men are still discriminatory to Filipina ladyboys. That’s why most ladyboys in Manila are drawn to foreign men rather than local men, since they are more open to the possibilities of lasting relationships with foreigners.

In the Philippines being gay and being a trans woman is viewed as interchangeable which confuses the majority of the population. But Filipina ladyboys are actually trying to fight that stigma and educate people that there is a difference between the two.

If you’re planning on meeting with a ladyboy from Manila, you’ll find that most of them are confident and open about their gender identity and sexual preference. It is more likely that they are expressive when they are out and accepted by friends and family. Most of the time, Filipino families take pride in the accomplishments of their LGBT children and even encourage them to reach for their dreams. This is why a lot of Filipina ladyboys succeed in many different fields for as long as their families are supportive of them.

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Whether you’re a Filipina ladyboy or a man who’s looking for the love of his life, this is the best place to find your partner. There are a lot of men who travel to Manila to find trans women and take advantage of them. However, our site was founded on the idea that ladyboys needed a safe space for dating and serious relationships.

Filipina ladyboys who want a good and respectful partner have a high chance of finding their one true love here in Manila since there are many foreigners and expatriates who travel to the capital city for leisure and business. It is a prime location for foreigners since many of them decide to eventually reside in the city. With My Ladyboy Date, we will help you expand your reach by giving you the option to choose who you want to meet. It will be easier for you to be on the same page with the person you plan on dating since you’ve already got to know each other through our site.

We only promote decent dating here on My Ladyboy Date and we also make sure that our members are real people who are looking for their one true love. Since 2013, we have helped couples meet each other and get together to form lasting relationships. With our dating platform, we would like to let our members know that even with modern dating, true love still exists.

Romantic date ideas in Manila

If you happen to be in Manila, then these are the activities you can do while you’re in the capital city.

Explore Manila’s Museums

If you’re a history lover, then you can take your date to different museums in Manila. There are so many museums you can choose from and learning about Philippine culture together will definitely bring you closer together. Some museums you can go to are the Calvo Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Manila and the National Museum of Natural History. And if you want a modern twist to your museum dates, you can also include quirky stopovers like the Dessert Museum and the Upside Down Museum for an interesting and memorable date.

Enjoy Manila’s nightlife scene

One of the best places to explore Manila’s nightlife scene is Bonifacio Global City. They’ve got different types of clubs, pubs and bars for your enjoyment. You can just chill with your date at a pub while a live band plays or you can have drinks while you get to know each other. This can be a good place to relax after a day of exploring the city.

Go on an exploratory food trip

You can never go wrong with going on a food trip. You can try out the most interesting street food such as “isaw”, fishballs, and other different barbecue places. Another place you can go to is Binondo for the best Chinese food which has its own culinary appeal since it’s a mix of both Filipino and Chinese influences. And if you’re really hungry, you can opt to find a restaurant where you can experience a Filipino boodle fight where food is served on a huge banana leaf. Wherever you go in Manila, you’re bound to love the different kinds of food there.

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There are a lot of dating sites for transsexuals but what makes My Ladyboy Date different? Though these other dating sites try to make their platforms inclusive, there is still discrimination against the trans population. Since our website is catered to trans women, our team makes sure that the members we have here are respectful and don’t see ladyboys as fetishes.

Our members are actively looking for real relationships built on a solid foundation of shared values and beliefs. The team behind My Ladyboy Date is composed mostly of trans women, which guarantees that the website is built and operated with trans women’s best interests at heart.

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