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Meeting ladyboys in Indonesia

Ladyboys in Indonesia are also known as Waria. They have a long history which often states that they have been around for centuries. Even though ladyboys have long existed in Indonesia, they are often considered outcasts.

In Indonesia, the state only recognises two genders: male and female. Transgender women and ladyboys are not legally recognized and have no access to basic healthcare. Trans rights are also very limited.

The term ladyboy is not appreciated by everyone. We use it on this page for educational purposes. For a detailed explanation, please read our dedicated page on the term “ladyboy”.

Getting to know ladyboys in Indonesia

Despite the many challenges that ladyboys in Indonesia face, they remain resilient. There are some who have been rejected by their own families. So there are ladyboys who have made their own communities for support.

Ladyboy from Indonesia
Ladyboy from Indonesia –

There are Warias who have relationships with local men. But since these men want to have a family one day, they end up marrying someone else. This is the culture that Indonesian ladyboys have got used to. But they still hope to find love even in the most difficult circumstances.

Meeting places in Indonesia

Indonesia is a predominantly muslim country. So there are only a few LGBT bars and relatively no trans bars. But it’s still possible to meet Indonesian ladyboys here. Here are some of the places you can meet ladyboys near you.

Bali Joe in Bali

If you happen to be in the Dhyana Pura era, Bali Joe is the best place to party. This is where you can indulge yourself in cocktails and meet new people. There are many foreign travellers who come here to have fun. And it’s the only known LGBT-friendly bar in the area.

Bali Joe
Bali Joe –


True Lounge in Jakarta

This is the only gay club in Jakarta and it’s open from Wednesday to Saturday. You’ll find a fabulous crowd dancing to pop music, lasers, and electric energy. They have events there that draw up a crowd. It’s mostly locals with a few foreigners, so you’re bound to meet someone there.

True Lounge
True Lounge – Instagram @truelounge


  • True Lounge on Instagram
  • Gedung Bellagio, Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat XI, RT.1/RW.2, Kuningan, Kuningan Tim., Kecamatan Setiabudi, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12950, Indonesia
  • +62 838-9355-0828

Mixwell Bar

Because Bali is a well-known tourist spot, gay bars often open here. Mixwell Bar is one of Bali’s pioneering gay bars. It’s been around for more than 10 years. Many of the patrons here are locals and tourists. They even have amazing drag performances that keep you entertained all night long.

Mixwell Bar
Mixwell Bar – Facebook @mixwellbarbali


LGBT Organisation in Indonesia: GAYa NUSANTARA

Indonesia is still far from being a safe haven for the LGBT community. The efforts of the government are not enough to help out the marginizalized individuals. That’s why non-profit organisations are crucial in aiding the LGBT community.


GAYa NUSANTARA was founded in 1987 to fight for LGBT rights in Indonesia. This organisation encourages LGBT individuals to be proud of their identity and sexuality. They provide services that would help ladyboys and other members of the LGBT to develop their health and well-being.


Ladyboy dating made possible in Indonesia

For many muslim-majority countries, it’s difficult for LGBT people to be themselves. Dating can be a challenge because of the strict laws that could land ladyboys in jail. Ladyboys are human too and they only wish to find true love for themselves.

My Ladyboy Date homepage
My Ladyboy Date homepage

So that’s why My Ladyboy Date makes it possible for ladyboys to meet trans-oriented men in a safe and decent place. My Ladyboy Date guarantees confidentiality as well as safety. We want you to find the ladyboy of your dreams even when the circumstances are challenging.

The best ladyboy dating site

This is a great chance for you to meet the ladyboy of your dreams in Indonesia. My Ladyboy Date is a dating site for ladyboys and men who are interested in a real relationship, not just a one-time thing. Our site has been helping people find love since 2013 and we have many happy members who have found their perfect match.

My Ladyboy Date team building photoshoot
My Ladyboy Date team building photoshoot –

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