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Do Ladyboys Get Jealous Easily

Have you dated ladyboys and wonder why the ones you’ve been with get jealous easily? Not to say that the majority of ladyboys are emotionally overreactive but if you’re asking yourself this question, please keep reading.

A little disclaimer, this is a general guide. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Common Reasons of Their Jealousy

Before you invalidate how they feel and make it seem like they’re coming from a trivial place, you first must know what most of them think about. Having this type of knowledge will make you more sympathetic and help you get better results in dating them.

Absence Due to Time Difference

Because most men who date ladyboys online live in the west, the relationships often have an LDR setup. This results in a hefty time difference that can really be testing for people who are in love with each other.

4 timezones

She doesn’t live with you and she has not assurance that you are wherever you say you are. Other than that, sometimes, you get tired or she gets tired and the two of you don’t get to communicate for a day which results in unnecessary overthinking.

In this case, time is the enemy. You’re just feeling the after-effects of it. This is unfair but this is the reality.

Your Lack of “Reporting”

No man wants to be with a nagger and you shouldn’t be subject to certain rules if you want to be in a serious relationship. But again, it’s not about being emasculated, it’s all about fairness.

a sad guy

If you don’t give her enough information of your daily deeds and whereabouts her mind may go into dangerous places. Don’t be too daunted by the word reporting. It’s not like you’re going to create KPI charts or sales reports.

A simple, “Hey babe, I’m going out to get some groceries and I’ll be back by 6:00 PM your time” could already suffice as reporting. Telling her that you did some overtime at work and doing a quick video call to prove that you’re indeed stuck at work helps BIG TIME.

Your Accidental Mention of “Girl” Friends

Many women say that they’re okay with their man having “girl” friends. But in reality, the majority still has to catch up with this mentality. This also goes for guys not minding that their girlfriends are hanging out with men.

angry couple

Now, if you’re not the jealous type and being in this setup seems practical to you, that’s fine. And if you’re expecting your partner to be okay with it because it’s how you feel, that’s cool too.

HOWEVER, don’t force her to not feel certain feelings most especially if she’s been vocal with you about how she feels when you are hanging out with other girls albeit platonically. And if you’re still doing it behind her back and you’re sure that there’s nothing else going on, please be sensitive enough.

She’s Not Getting Enough Compliments

When your partner’s insecure, you have to acknowledge the possibility that you could be contributing to it. Maybe you’ve changed and you’re not as generous with your compliments anymore unlike when you were staring to woo her. They say that change is inevitable but you have to understand that change can sometimes be in the wrong direction.

sad woman

If she gets a new haircut, dresses up, perfects her makeup, etc., you must always see to it that you recognize her efforts. After all, she’s not only doing those things for herself. She intends to look good so that you’ll be proud whenever you’re on a date with her.

You’re her man, and she expects you to be the first one to encourage and support her. It’s hurtful if she receives many compliments from other people and doesn’t get a single thumbs up from you.

Your Lack of Effort

Maybe you’re the reason why she’s feeling insecure. Aren’t you making efforts to show her your love anymore? When she said yes to being your partner, did you stop going out or make her feel like the woman she is?

angry couple

In a relationship, comfort is very important. But don’t mistake it with complacency and laziness. The mere fact that you’re in a relationship means that you got another person involved in your life. They’ve invested their time, trust, and happiness in you and the least you could do is make them feel special.

It’s not like she’s asking you to go to the opera house or take her to a yacht dinner weekly. Simple but meaningful efforts go a long way. How about a movie date? Perhaps, a dozen of roses? Or maybe a love letter? The options are limitless!

Long-distance Relationship

Needless to say, long-distance relationships are the top culprits as to why ladyboys get jealous. Many factors are involved in making such a feat more complicated such as time difference, lack of reporting, and loving in the dark.

It’s very hard to be in an LDR most especially if you have not met in person yet. She’s still trying to get to know you and distance allows many secret affairs to happen.

You Look At Other Women When You’re With Her

Needless to say, if you’re doing this often, you’re idiotic. You don’t have to wonder why she’s jealous anymore because you’re treating her like a doormat. In this case, you’re the problem and you’re the EXACT reason why she’s jealous and often times, insecure.

Your Dating History

If you confessed to her about your dating past and infidelity, no matter if you’ve truly changed, she’ll still be cautious. People are allowed to not feel secure most especially if you’ve proven her right. Give her ample time to truly feel that you’re a changed man.

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Yes Or No

Yes, many of them get jealous, but the ones who easily get jealous are probably dealing with deep-rooted experiences with you or from their past relationships. If you’ve checked three or more examples above, it means that you’re a huge contributor to how she feels and it’s time to assess how you could make some positive changes.

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