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Reasons why you can’t keep a man

Are you a ladyboy who’s in a constant loop of short-lived relationships? If so, maybe you are doing some things that are stopping you from being able to keep a man.

Yes, that sounded harsh but someone has to spill the tea for you to grow. Now, don’t take everything personally, as always, this guide is based on research and experiences but it doesn’t claim to predict your romantic relationships. Take everything with a grain of salt.

1. You took away the gift of chasing

You probably heard this a million times but most men are hunters. They’re only interested in pursuing something and holding on to a relationship with someone with who they had to go through different hoops and loops to be with.

a nice frog couple

Take for example a guy who cooks for an occasion. One bought the fish from a supermarket while the other spent hours in a lake that’s a 4-hour drive away from home. Which guy will be more proud about their meal? The former or the latter?

Now that you have that analogy, you have to use it going forward. Be the mermaid, not the tadpole.

2. Being forceful

This usually comes with someone who takes the gift of chasing away. A lot of ladyboys who force themselves into a man wind up getting their hearts broken. You can’t force anyone to love you. Not even if you’re already married to them.

Yes, granted that there are men who like the feeling of being controlled, but realistically, you may not have encountered one yet hence you’re reading this.

3. Inconsistency

People who are looking for a serious relationship are allergic to flaky behavior. Yes, it’s very important for you to make him chase you but if he’s consistent in communicating and you ignore him for days… then premeditate popping into his life back again because of your notion that that’s what will make you hard to get, you’ve got it all wrong.

Yes or no

Being hard to get is a lifestyle and is not a game. There’s also a huge difference between being hard to get and being inconsistent. Yes, maybe in the beginning stages, you can test him and ignore him from time to time. But if both of you are already at the stage whereby the communication is constant already and you suddenly drop him like hot potato, that will give you an image of flakiness.

4. Diva Demands

There are only a few who gets away with diva behavior and one of them is Mariah Carey. But then again, you’re not her so you have to be more realistic in your approach.

Yes, most ladyboys loved to be wined and dined. People in general, love receiving gifts and some, dream of having an ostentatious lifestyle. Others are not demanding in material things, they’re demanding of time and how they want to be treated.

But if you’re demanding too much and giving ultimatums like your partner owes you the world, you’re probably living in a fairy tale. You have to learn how to give and take. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

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5. Jealousy

Nothing’s more irritating to a man than a ladyboy who’s constantly jealous. Not to say that you’re not entitled to those feelings, but if it’s always in the mix and the littlest things trigger your obsession, he will leave you.

jealous woman

Some people get overly jealous to the point of trying to control their partner’s relationships with his friends, family, and goals. A high-quality man will not fall for these foolish games. He will not consider you as his long-term partner with this immature mindset.

6. Too many ultimatums

One of the most toxic people is the one who likes to manipulate others by enforcing ultimatums. Yes, these are needed sometimes but if you keep doing this over the most trivial things, you’re not going to have a healthy relationship.

True love is not drama-filled. It’s more like riding a cruise and not a speed boat. The waters are calm when you are with the right person. And if you’re this kind of person, you’re probably a liability.

Focus on your security and so you don’t destroy other people’s lives. Complete yourself first before entering someone’s life.

7. Coldness

People yearn for a relationship because they’re looking for warmth. They want to have that feeling of security and that no matter what happens, they’ll always have their soulmate with them.

thinking guy

Right off the bat, giving off Ice Queen vibes is cool. But when it becomes the norm in a relationship, it just turns deadly. Ask yourself, would you enter a relationship with someone who doesn’t seem to care about you?

Will a relationship lacking affection make you feel happy? If you can’t get over this nature, you’re better off not being in a relationship.

8. Unreasonable

Do you go through your thoughts before opening your mouth? Are your ears receptive to information from others before having an opinion or… do you deal with things objectively instead of arguing based on what will only benefit you?

If you’re the latter, you lack empathy and you’re unreasonable. Don’t count people out so easily just because they disagree with you. If you have this god complex like you’re right 99% of the time, everyone’s always going to try to escape your grasp.

9. Unsupportive

Pessimism is needed from time to time, but if you’re the type who constantly cut your partner with your sharp words of disbelief, he’s going to run away. He might have silly ideas or dreams from time to time and when he’s passionate about something, always support him.

a thinking guy

You see, what he’s saying may not be for you just like what you’ll be saying may not be for him. We all have different perspectives. Whether it’s a career move or a new hobby, you need to trust your partner.

Only stop him if he’s gambling his life savings and properties away lol.

10. Judgments

Did he say or do something that doesn’t sit well with you and you called something else apart from his name? Labeling someone quickly is not a good move. It’s okay to communicate your thoughts as to why you feel bad about his actions but don’t put him in a box just yet.

If you know that we all came from ignorance, you should know better.

Did this guide help you have a better perspective? Share it with everyone you know.

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Good luck!

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