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Staying in Love with a Heartbreaker

Did you know that many people still stay with their partners even if they know that they’re being cheated on? Yes, it’s hard to ponder as to why because the situation can pretty much be solved by using common sense. However, just like what they say, love can make you do crazy things!

Are you one of those people who are still with your partners even if you know that you’re not their ONLY ONE? If so, keep reading!

Common Reasons

But of course, it’s not fair to put you in a category of people who are not using their minds, in this case, their hearts the right way. People shouldn’t be invalidated because of how they feel. You have every right to be in love with whomever you choose.

sad girl

This section was not created to justify this decision, but to further give clarity and for you to know…

Is it ALL worth it?

Blind Loyalty

Many people have such strong integrity that sometimes, they result in a person with blind loyalty. While being loyal is admirable, being loyal to the wrong person is a waste of such a noble feeling.

Others are simply wanting a perfect life that they only think that whoever comes first is their soulmate.

The “Soulmate” Idea Obsession

To further expound, many people give so much importance to their first kiss, first second base, and first third base, that they think that those are the only signifiers of who they’re soulmate’s supposed to be.

Others, however, let astrology, horoscopes, and coincidences lead their future. They think that they’re with the right one based on the compatibilities and chances that they did not experience with other people. So much so that even if the other person’s hurting them, they’ll still remain in the relationship.


Probably the most popular reason as to why some people stay with heartbreakers is because of the physical aspects that their partners can deliver. The looks, the appeal, etc., are all too good to pass up and let go of because of infidelity.

Yes, they’d get angry for a minute or two but when the heartbreaker uses their charm again, the victim would get butterflies on their stomach like nothing’s wrong in the relationship.


Yes, money can be a huge factor when it comes to forgiving a cheater. This is exactly why the phrase “Money is the best deodorant” by Elizabeth Taylor is quite popular. Because money erases many problems in the world, to more pragmatic people, they think that infidelity is just another thing that they can set aside.

Other than that, others simply are left with very little choice but to stay with the heartbreaker to survive. For example, extreme poverty. Others could be lack of education and some are supporting other people and the money of the heartbreaker’s helping them not cut that line of support.


Others love to keep a certain image and don’t want other people to think that they’re suffering from an infidel partner. Others are riding on the coattails of the heartbreaker for being popular, powerful, or simply for bearing a professional title.

Fear Of Not Finding Another One

Many are sadly not confident with themselves anymore that they think they won’t find someone else. Because the heartbreaker has badly ruined their ego and self-worth, they’re left thinking that… that’s all there is.

This desperation makes them cling to the heartbreaker even more.

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What You Must Do

If you found yourself ticking one or more of the situations above, here are actionable tips that will help emancipate you. But this doesn’t mean that you should break up with the heartbreaker, after all, the choice is yours.

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Don’t Spend Loyalty Loosely

Like money, time, and emotions, you must learn how to spend wisely so you don’t wind up being broke. How can you fathom that you’re being too loyal to someone who clearly doesn’t share the same feeling?

Why are you settling for the disparity of fairness? Are you willing to live the rest of your life in this situation? Or worse, are you willing to waste the best times of your life when you could be investing them in someone better?

Your Soulmate Will NEVER Hurt You

If you really stand by your belief of soulmates, you should know that your soulmate will NEVER hurt you. So if your partner’s repeatedly doing you wrong, you must come to the smart conclusion that they’re not the one. Don’t justify their behavior just because they’re making you intermittently happy.

Instead of wasting your years with someone who will probably never change, try setting yourself free for the right person to come along.

Looks Fade

Making looks the foundation of your feelings is far from smart. Beauty fades. We will all get to the point whereby wrinkles, fine lines, and creases will cover up washboard abs, perky chests, and thunder thighs.

Only goodness of the soul lasts and sadly, your heartbreaker partner’s has prematurely deteriorated. Not to say that they won’t change but you’re the only one who can honestly assess whether they’re capable of doing so or not.

You’re Capable

Speaking of capability, why is it that you’re only seeing it on your partner and not yourself? Why don’t you think you’re capable of finding someone way better? Did you know that if you just step out of the toxicity and get yourself back in the game, the pool is wide open for you?

My Ladyboy Date

Yes, there are still good men and ladyboys out there. All you have to do is be available and give the universe a signal that you’re willing to meet your true match.

Stop torturing yourself and give yourself the love, trust, and confidence that you deserve.

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The first decent dating site for ladyboys & cool guys
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