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How To Use My Ladyboy Date Tools To Maximize Your Chances of Finding Love

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Are you a member of My Ladyboy Date and have not found what you’re looking for yet? Is it so hard for you to find appealing members or do you feel like or is nobody initiating a message? If so, you must do some tweaks and learn how to use My Ladyboy Date properly.

My Profile

This section is very important as it will help you attract people to send you a message. If you have not paid attention to this, you’re missing out! If you have a complete profile, the chances of getting noticed by other members will greatly increase.

My Profile


This will serve as your first hello to the other person. It must gain attention and call to action. If your tagline message is not well-thought-out, you’re going to repel your profile visitors. The best tagline is clear, romantic, and not too desperate. Here are some samples:

  1. Looking for someone who’s also ready for a real relationship.
  2. Not looking to play games. Serious people only.
  3. I’m not here to get through the night. I’m looking for my future wife.


Your description must be descriptive. Don’t be too vague when writing one. Share more about yourself for the visitor to have an easier time crafting their introductory message.

List your traits, hobbies, and interests. These are very good starters. Don’t drag your description but don’t make it too short either. Shoot for three paragraphs:

  1. First being about you
  2. Second about your interests
  3. Third about what you’re looking for


My Ladyboy Date members allow people to have a profile without having a profile picture. This is for inclusivity because a lot of men are still in a discreet phase while others are simply introverts.

However, if you want higher chances of finding love, upload a profile photo. Make sure that it follows guidelines. Nothing nude and vulgar. Choose a photo of you wearing a decent top with a smile on your face.

Online Tab

This section is where you take action. It will help you discover more members and communicate with them. In the online tab, you will see the current online members and the ones who have logged in recently. This will give you an idea of who the active members are.

Online Tab

Online Member

If you’re looking to talk to someone instantly, just click on the profile of a member that has a green circle below their avatar. This indicates that they’re online. Say a harmless hello and don’t think too much about it.

New Members

If you feel like being part of the welcoming committee or you’re just bored of the members who you constantly see online, try the New Members section. This will give you an advantage in finding the right match because you’re almost ensured that no one has captured their interest yet.


Apart from your motive in finding love, you may also use the Birthday tab to make someone’s day brighter. Who knows? Your simple birthday greeting could actually be the reason why you’ll find the love of your life soon!

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If you’re very picky with a life partner, as you should, the Search tab is for you. It will not only narrow down your search, but it will also save you a lot of time from entertaining people whom you’re not interested in, to begin with. A total win-win situation without constant rejection!



Many people are not into long-distance relationships. If touch is a big factor for you, you may select your country to get a clear view of the members available in your place.

Last Online

This will give you an idea of who the active members are. Sometimes, it only takes minutes to keep people apart from a dating site. Don’t miss out on potential partners just because you weren’t online at the same time.

Only Profiles with Photos

Relationships often start from the attraction. If you want to go this route instead of deciphering someone like the riddle of the sphynx, tick this box before hitting search.

Age Bracket

If you prefer a certain age range, you may easily filter out the members by using the age bracket. However, age is just a number at the end of the day. Be careful with this one. Your limit might be at the age of 39 which entails you, missing out on great single people in their early 40s.

Height Slider

The height can be non-negotiable most especially for ladyboys. A lot of ladyboys prefer men who are taller than them so that they look more feminine when going out together. If you’re one of these ladyboys, feel free to tip the scale to your preference.


The Viewed section is mostly about the reactions after the certain tweaks you’ve made. In here, you’re going to be able to assess your next most actionable steps in making love happen.

Your Favorites

This list holds all of the profiles you’ve favorited. You’ll also be able to backtrack this should the ones you’ve favorited have not favorited you back yet. If this is the case, feel free to send them a message as the latter is more actionable.

They Favorited You

Some people are too shy to initiate conversations even if the setting is online. If you like someone who has favorited you, return the favor and send a message. Who knows what will happen next!?

They Viewed You

Some people don’t appear online at the same time you are. This is why such functionality is quite useful. Because of this, you will discover more members and improve the quality of your search.

Interaction Tips

Now that you’re at the doorstep, it’s time to strategize. Below are some things to keep in mind when interacting in My Ladyboy Date.

Interaction Tips


It’s okay to express admiration right off the bat but you don’t have to be team too much. Always send messages that are not rude, vulgar, and overbearing.


Being shy can show humility but it also opens up to thousands of negative interpretations. If you are too shy, people may think you’re cold, disinterested, or boring. Always be confident but not arrogant.


The best way to maintain communication with someone you like is if you show them your good intentions. You can do this either by word or action. But don’t love-bomb them too early as they might think you’re desperate or another ghoster.

Now that you have learned the fundamentals, you’re off to a good start! Login on My Ladyboy Date today and start finding love today!

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The first decent dating site for ladyboys & cool guys
Join over 125,000 members
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