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Safety tips for dating ladyboys online

Cyril Mazur
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Dating is fun! Whether you’re in search of a long term love story, just want to make friends or looking for a one night stand, dating is for sure a fun part of the game. At MyLadyboyDate we try our best to make your dating experience smooth, fun and, above all, SAFE.

Today I’d like to write some basic safety tips for our readers and members. Maybe you’re new to online dating? Maybe you’re new to dating ladyboys? Or maybe both? If yes, these tips will surely be worth the read for you. First, I’d like to say: don’t worry. Don’t worry because as long as you apply a bit of common sense, online dating is simply just fun.

Ok, ready? Let’s go!

What’s to be careful about online dating

You know what’s easy to do online? Pretending to be somebody you’re not. Making a fake profile and pretending to be a pretty, innocent and vulnerable woman is nothing more complicated than to upload a fake picture and write a fake description. Romance scams online are a fact, they’re not more rampant with ladyboy dating than for general dating, but it comes in a different flavour.

Basically, it applies for online and offline dating in general. You are going to chat and meet people who are perfect strangers to you. Most people are good people, fortunately, our planet is not filled with thieves, scammers and criminals. Most people just want a peaceful and happy life. And above all, most people want to love and be loved. But of course there are rotten apples. There are a few people who don’t care about hurting the feelings of others and take advantage on them. Well, once you’re aware of the fact, at least you apply some caution.

Applied to Ladyboy Dating especially now.

If you’re in search of a ladyboy girlfriend, chances are that you will meet ladyboys from Asia (and especially Philippines and Thailand). Now these are third-world countries where the average salary doesn’t go beyond $150 a month. If you are a man from the western world (Europe, America, Australia…) you see how this difference in earnings can make you a potential target for bad intentioned people. Although it’s true that Asian ladyboys are very often looking for a western boyfriend because they’re culturally speaking more open minded about committing with a transgender, you shall not forget that some could be interested in something else from you.

Don’t worry, bad intentioned ladyboys are not the majority, but I advise you keep on reading my safety tips.

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How to be safe while dating online

I am going to give you my best tips for being safe when you date ladyboys online. Most important thing first: never EVER send money to somebody you don’t really know. That can sound an obvious one, but some are excellent at making you send money online. Maybe you’re not familiar with the Asian culture, but it’s absolutely not a normal thing that an Asian girl asks for money online, it’s not how sane relationships work. It’s also likely that a person doesn’t ask you explicitly to send money, but they can also turn the conversation in such a way that you feel pity and decide to send money by yourself. That’s the worst case scenario, because you might not even feel like you’re being scammed, because it seems like the decision comes from you. Be careful!

A good practice is to not leave the dating site too quick. You know what’s a common pattern for bad intentioned members? They try to get you out of the site as quick as possible, because they know dating sites can’t monitor their conversations outside. We advise you don’t give away your other contact details too quick (email, Skype, Facebook…), keep it private for a bit, take the time to know the person a little more before giving away what can be used against you by a potential attacker. It’s a red flag if somebody is asking you to leave the dating site from the first message. We have a very neat and fast instant chat messaging system on MyLadyboyDate, so you can have a quality conversation without leaving the site.

Personal Details shouldn’t be divulged

Don’t communicate your personal details either. Nobody has to know your real name, your address or such other private details… before you really get to a good level of trust together. There are cases of blackmailing, for example married men who have a dating profiles and give away their true identity can be a potential target.

There are “report” buttons on every profile page and conversation page. Users who report bad behaviours also help spotting scammers and other suspicious accounts. So when you encounter such yourself, it’s good idea to report it to our moderation team.

And once again: never ever send money online to somebody you don’t really know. Don’t think it’s going to make you score higher in the dating scene, or that it’s necessary for impressing a date. If you are a serious man looking for commitment with a transgender, then you’re a match for a lot of transgenders out there. The saying couldn’t apply better in your case: there are plenty of fish!

How to be safe while dating offline

When you decide to meet one of our members, we advise you always meet in a public place to begin with. It doesn’t matter the country, it doesn’t matter the city… But better if you have your first meeting in a cafe, a restaurant, a cinema, in a square… wherever you like, but public.

You shall also let one of your friends know where you are and the name of the person you’re dating. These are basic precautions, the odds of meeting a serial killer are low, but you don’t want to be part of the statistics!

What we do to protect our members

On My Ladyboy Date, every profile is screened before it appears on the site search. Our robots also monitor every conversation and recognise common suspicious patterns. That’s one of the reasons why you should wait to know the person better; before switching to another communication tool like email or Skype). Our moderation team is working 7 days a week to check if our profiles are genuine. We process member reports quick and they play an important part in our moderation (don’t forget to report any suspicious behaviour).

Wow it sounds like my post was a bit dramatic… There is no reason to freak out though. My Ladyboy Date is the safest place for getting to date decent transgenders online. Our staff is essentially made of… transgenders ourselves (or men who have a transgender girlfriend, or are close to the community in general), therefore we know what are the challenges, and it’s close to our heart to address them well.

As long as you apply common sense and a bit of caution, you shall be definitely all fine and your dating experience will only be fun and pleasant, I guarantee 😉

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About the author

Cyril Mazur
Cyril Mazur is a trans-oriented man dedicated to helping ladyboys and trans-oriented men find love wherever they are in the world. He is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of My Ladyboy Date. He is a serial entrepreneur who obtained his MSc in e-business in Oxford in 2010. In 2019, he was part of the panel of judges for the Mandaue Gay Pageant. He founded My Ladyboy Date with his co-founder Maki Gingoyon in 2013. They have both made it their goal to provide a safe space for trans dating and end the stigma surrounding trans relationships.

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  • Quite impressive but mostly men from Europe are poor too they just couldn't visiting not even tried to be a backpacker to meet up their ladyboy who's always online with them. I've got that so many time even dating like a year thru Skype or another LB dating site.
    • My Ladyboy Date
      It's true @2519bbd122cfda88eb507c83369f5b99:disqus. Every situation is different. Some European guys (like Simon, the owner of can relocate to Asia, some guys visit their Asian girlfriend only during vacation times (I have an Australian friend who goes every 2 months to Thailand to see his girlfriend, good thing Australia is not so far from Asia), and some guys can't even afford to backpack in Asia. That's why at we screen and filter members, so that our male members are men who: 1) are serious about finding love 2) have the means to make it happen (an essential part of this filtering is to make the site non-free for male members) and we filter our transgender members in the same way so that we reduce to the maximum the number of scammers, adult entertainers and gold diggers.
  • Harries Mae Seidel
    For the 7 years ago I've been trying looking commitment and looking real love i was looking a genuine guy in this world but most of them its not serious I have been dating site member before but I am so unlucky one of them they ask meet but its never happen i never ask of them anything because all i want meet firts and he can diceded if he likes me .I was thought that one of them its playing and flirting they not serious, they did keep promise but never it happen .I'm a type of girl have genuine and good hearts looking for genuine guy
    • John Hartrey
      With the current economic crisis in europe then it is only either the well off or the younger backpacker types or even the retired/semi-retired that either have the time or the money to travel .Unless their work lets them helps them travel . This coupled with the fact that so many men still see TG/TS ladies as a " fantasy " , as well as the huge increase in availability of getting online is bringing more and more of the player type out - both male and TS/TG .
  • I'm retired and living in Cebu. It's been such a nice change from my life I had in the US. I'm currently dating a ladyboy and love the ladyboys here soo much.

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