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Healthy Ways to Deal with Rejection in a Ladyboy Dating Site

Rejection is part of life and it is not to be mistaken for failure and the end of the world. Think of dating from a gamer’s perspective. They don’t die, they only respawn.

Before you read this guide, you must have a positive attitude because this wouldn’t work with trepidation. Take a deep breath and a moment. You good? Now let’s get to it.

Assess the reason why they reject you

There’s a plethora of reasons why they reject you—distance, compatibility, your views about life, and more. If they share the specific reason with you and you really like them, don’t raise the white flag yet. Maybe there are certain things that you can easily tweak and help them change their mind about you.

The common factor for rejection

Sometimes, there’s just that one thing that often affects your dating life. If you keep hearing about it over and over again and you know that it’s something that’s destructive for your life, maybe it’s time to consider changing it.

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For example, if the people you’re interested in are not into smokers and you finish one pack of ciggies a day, maybe it’s time for a change. Is it about how possessive you are right off the bat? You may wanna tone your conversations down on the next. Are you a love bomber? Cut the cords.

Do you always date the same type of person?

Now, if you’re not fully the problem and you keep getting attracted to the same type of person who you know is really not looking for something serious, why bother? Don’t think that you can miraculously turn a stranger who’s set on their ways and turn them into falling hopelessly in love with you.

Accepting that you have flaws

In connection with the common factor of rejection, you have to understand that we’re all built unique, and not perfect. So if there are things that you can work on about your personality, character, or traits, start today.

Working on your flaws

The first step to working with your flaws is accepting them. The next one is a change of environment. To ensure that this change turns into a success, you have to surround yourself with people who can help encourage this change.

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Don’t expect the same results if you’re doing the same thing. For example, if you offend a person easily by the way you communicate, try practicing your communication skills. Perhaps, you’re looking for someone who’s in great shape but you’re not exactly the kind that you want to attract, try working on yourself (not to say that you don’t look good the way you do but you have to understand that like attracts like).

Working on the common factors (by choice)

In connection with getting in shape, you must only work on these common factors of rejection if you feel like doing it. Don’t change yourself against your will just because you’re in love with someone. Change must be driven by your choice and not others’ expectations of you.

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Changing your strategy

Another thing that you can do is change your strategy. Are you the one who often insists to have labels very early on in the relationship? If so, stop being desperate. Do you often find yourself on the giving end and you’re all you get is zilch in return? Then stop overextending.

Healthy relationships are all about a give-and-take method. Moreover, if you’re too insecure about yourself that you have to be all braggadocious about your achievements as a form of shielding yourself from what the other person might say, you’re not going to be successful in earning that person’s respect.

For example, there’s no reason for them to know how much you make in a month after conversing with them for less than an hour. You also don’t have to name-drop people and say that you’ve dated a certain celebrity to increase your value.

Changing the kind of person you date

Now, if you’ve done everything you could but you’re still getting the same results, the problem is definitely with the type of person you date.

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While all of us humans are unique, we share similarities as well. For example, if you want someone who spends a lot of time with you and you keep dating a person who owns several corporations, the problem is on you.

If you’re ultra-possessive but you keep dating uber-attractive people who get attention very easily, you’ve probably lost your common sense. So it’s time to rekindle it and start applying it like a moisturizer in your life.

Start dating the exact opposite of your type and you’ll be surprised!

Drawing boundaries

Someone who has no boundaries probably will never find their soulmate because they’re entertaining absolutely everyone. While they’re entertaining the wrong types of people for them, they’re wasting their precious time.

Don’t be like them. Draw boundaries. If you don’t want someone rude, block anyone who strikes you that way. Should you not be interested in someone who’s vapid and does nothing but talk about their looks yet you entertain them because they look so appealing and you have hopes that you can change them, congratulations, there are two vapid people in the room.

Knowing how big the pool is

Finally, you have to know that there are literally millions of possible partners for you. Hell, there may be more than that but who’s counting? Going back to the point, this world has so many people looking for love.

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The first decent dating site for ladyboys & cool guys
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