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How to deal with never-ending How are you loop

If you’ve been dating online for a long time, it’s not surprising that you may have already come across people with whom your only interaction is “Hi, how are you?” replied by “Good, thank you”, and sadly, for some unexplainable cosmic reason, it turns into a loop and not both of you are compelled to break it.

Don’t worry, this isn’t new to the world of online ladyboy dating. This just means that both of you are either introverts or are clueless about how to carry a good conversation.

Today’s your lucky day because we’re going to give you ways to escape this and turn the mess into possible meaningful conversations.

Quick follow-up questions

The easiest way to break this loop is by quickly following up with another question. However, make sure that the question won’t be anything that can be answered with a monotonous and general reply.

thinking woman

If their profile shows a photo of a dog, ask them what breed or how old the dog is. Should they have music love written on their profile, ask them who their favorite artists are.

The possibility is endless only if you take less than five minutes to view your prospect’s profile.

Share daily activities, especially when there are nuances

You may also share how your day went if you’re running out of conversation ideas. A simple “We had a 4-hour meeting” could usually suffice. But that’s not as exciting as when you share some nuanced scenario such as “My co-worker celebrated his birthday and treated all of us to lunch”.

Work-outs, walking your dog, visiting your family, and going out with your friends are also semi-interesting stuff to talk about. But if you’re life’s not square and it’s far from boring, this tip can be ten times more effective than it’s supposed to be.

Ask random stuff (don’t hold back)

Do you have an inoffensive burning question in your head? Go ahead and let it out! Take a chance and you might get a positive response. In this politically correct world, it’s very hard to know what’s offensive and what’s not but if you have good intentions and you’re positive that you’re not asking the question to get a negative reaction, just go for it.

Paper with question mark

At the very least, you killed the never-ending How are you curse and you’ll get a preview of whether you’re mentally compatible with who you’re chatting with or not.

Put fire into the conversations

But only metaphorically. What this means is you must intensify your conversations. When they answer you back with “Good, how are you”, instead of saying “I’m fine as well”, you can instead reply with “Better now that we’re chatting”.

What this does is it hits two birds with one stone, not only did you break the ice, but you also let the person know that you’re into them, which will lead them to open up more to you.

Nobody likes to have long conversations with someone who has a personality of a stale potato chip.

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Have a laugh, it’s not a job interview

You can’t date people if you don’t have a sense of humor. Nobody wants to date someone cold as ice. After all, you’re not applying for a position in a corporation. You’re on the ladyboy dating site to determine who you’re going to spend the rest of your life with.

guy with a smartphone

Most people before selecting partners, often ask themselves if the person’s life they’re eyeing is exciting. Why would anyone want to participate in a relationship with you if they feel like it’s going to be a long life of snoozefest?

This is why showing them that you’re a fun person to be with is important and a good addition to how to stop the never-ending loop of Hello, how are you remark.

Ask the other person about their plans for the day or the weekend

If you’re not very creative when it comes to conversations, this trick will work the best. Psychologically, most people enjoy talking about themselves. So a simple question about one’s plans will not only prolong the conversation but will also make them feel comfortable with opening up to you.

You wouldn’t imagine how packed their answers would be with such a simple question like this.

If they say they’re good, let them elaborate

Do not settle for an answer like this. If they say they’re good, ask them how good they are or why they feel that way. Some may find this abhorrent or pushy but at the very least, you’re trying your best not to watch the connection between the two of you like you’re watching paint dry.

If they say they’re bad, let them elaborate

Now, this is more interesting because they’re letting their guard down with you. Admitting that we’re experiencing one of the worst days of our lives is not an easy feat for most people.

woman with a smartphone

This is your chance to connect deeper with this person. Probe them into explaining why they feel bad. Not only will you learn more about this person but it will also open up the opportunity for you to show how caring you are.

Now, if the case involves financial problems, the other person might just be gaslighting you because it’s not normal to share these problems with a stranger.

Do the talking, let them do the talking

A great conversation involves a constant switch between who’s talking and who’s listening. If you talk too much, you will be perceived as someone who’s suffering from narcissism.

If you don’t answer and all you do is bombard the person with an influx of questions, it will seem like you’re doing an interrogation. You should learn the proper way of maintaining balance because only with it will you truly have a meaningful conversation.

Bonus: If they cut you off with “I’m busy now, I’ll chat later”

Should they reply with something along the lines of “I’m busy now, I’ll chat later”, do not take it personally. Not everyone has the luxury of time to chat 24/7. Also, be mindful that when it comes to online dating, time differences are the norm. It’s going to be very hard to find someone living in the same timezone.

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If that’s the case, most people will just go to the nearest bar to find love. Patiently wait and if they reply to you, it means that they’re being genuine when they said that they were busy.

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