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How to Drive a Man Crazy for You

There are a lot of tips online when it comes to driving a man crazy. However, when it comes to driving men if you’re a ladyboy, it’s not as rampant.

In life, especially in relationships, sometimes, certain strategies must be performed. If you don’t have any more time to waste, keep reading.

Discovering him

You cannot create a strategy if you don’t know your enemy. In this case, your enemy is the unknown. What this means is that the challenge that poses is the mystery of the man you like.

If you really want to drive him crazy, you must know him from top to bottom; both literally and figuratively.

His style

They say that in fashion, you are what you wear. Knowing his style will give you a closer look at what his personality is. Does he dress up in a preppy way Is he the type that’s more comfortable in activewear?

business man

Because of how he dresses, you’ll be given an access pass to what he is into. Of course, this is not to say that his wardrobe defines who he is as a person. Think of it as a sneak peek at his soul.

For example, if you often see him in a laid-back style, chances are that he’s into simple women. Now, if he’s the type of guy who looks like he vacations in the south of France regularly, he may be into elegant ladyboys.

His beliefs

You won’t be able to drive a man crazy if you don’t know his beliefs and virtues. The reason being is because we are dealing with something beyond the surface. If we’re talking about crazy, he will probably be only crazy for you if your personality applies to his beliefs and virtues.

a businessman

Take for example a man who is sapiosexual. If you’re not brainy or he doesn’t find you intelligent, how will he go crazy for you? However, don’t be too daunted. Intelligence comes in different forms. Being smart doesn’t mean that you know how to create a rocket ship.

Sometimes, just knowing a lot about what you’re passionate about will make him believe that you’re the most intelligent woman in the world.

His type

Type is a very general word but in this section, we will focus more on the physical aspect. Does he like blonde hair? Is he more into the long jet black hair that most Asian ladyboys have?

a woman in the water

Is he into really fit bodies or does he become more frisky seeing a woman who’s on the plus side. Moreover, sometimes, no matter what you do, you have to accept the fact that there is a possibility that he may not be into you.

This is because some people are attracted to a certain race. This is why in porn, categories are often named by different races. Other men are simply not into ladyboys.

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What you must do

Of course, this guide will be totally useless if you don’t get actionable tips. Whether he has expressed interest in you or not, still try the list of tips below.

Little tweaks

They say that we should always be ourselves when it comes to looking for love. However, what these people fail to understand is that change is the only constant thing in this world.

As human beings, our evolution should never stop. This is why every day, all of us must try to be better people. If a guy is conservative but you dress up like you’re going to work the pole, how would you expect him to go crazy over you?

Time to change

Should a man be into more refined women but you always exhibit barbaric behavior, don’t expect that he will line up and give you a bouquet of roses.

Yes, being yourself can attract certain people. But ask yourself, is he into these people? If not, try starting to ask more ladylike.

Hard to get the lifestyle

If you give all of yourself right off the bat to a man, he will not go crazy for you. This is the sad reality of men’s nature. They often take women who are hard to get more serious. This principle also goes the same with how you treat your purses and shoes.

a woman

How will this man treasure you if he got you the moment he opens his mouth? This will give him an idea that you go with every man that you stumble upon.

Remember ladies, hard to get it’s a lifestyle and not a strategy. Going forward, you have to treat yourself as the prize. Do not ever give yourself away too easily. Once you do this with every man, whether he’s you’re ideal type or not, you will barely notice that you’re changing your dating life for the better.

Make him discover that he wants you

To make a man think that he has a need for you, you have to be more repulsive. What this means is that you must reject him several times. Make him think that you’re a little too good for him without being dismissive or arrogant.

a woman saying stop

Give him excuses such as your focus on your career but you’re open to friendships. You may also tell him that you’re really not sure if you’re looking for something serious at the moment. Lastly, the most effective way to make him find the need for you is to tell him that you think that love is bullshit.

Doing so will challenge him and make him think that he needs to change your mind and that he’s the answer.

Damsel in distress

If you have not tried asking a man for help, you’re doing dating wrongly. Most men love to play the role of a knight in shining armor. If you don’t give him space to channel his inner prince charming, he will feel useless.

a sweet couple

This is why from time to time, you have to play pretend that you don’t know something. This is not to encourage dumbing yourself down. You may appear as a damsel in distress from time to time simply by asking questions about his passions and line of work.

Make him feel like he is so amazing for knowing a lot about a certain topic. You may also ask him to help with something that’s relevant to his knowledge.

Only love should be the driving force

But if you’re not doing all of these for love, it’s better to throw these tips out the window. Don’t waste your time on someone just because he’s challenging or that you want to feed your ego.


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