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Common Mistakes Most Ladyboys Do in Online Dating

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

Mistakes are part of a healthy life. Without making them, we’re not going to grow and evolve as better human beings. However, when it comes to dating, there are certain mistakes that people often keep repeating. And if you’re seeing an unhealthy pattern when it comes to your love life, keep reading.

1. Too Early To Husband Hunt

Many ladyboys on dating websites hope for the happy ending called marriage. Just like how many cisgender women are when they’re fiddling with Tinder. This focus sometimes gets the best of them and can curtail instead of propel them to their goal.

a man wear a suit

Because of this hunger to have a husband, they’re manifesting desperation to the men they converse with online. This is not a good look for anyone. Relax and go with the flow. Don’t hint or talk about marriage too soon!

2. Desperation Leading To Destruction

When desperation enters the room, destruction comes subsequently. This is why you must never appear desperate to potential partners. Make men feel like you have plenty of options and you’re giving them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in getting to know someone like you.

Desperation is only good if you’re dealing with a life-and-death situation. In general, desperate people do many negative things that can turn people off. For example, being too clingy or forceful when it comes to communicating. Just… no!

3. Lack Of Research

A lot of ladyboys often date losers online. These guys are usually already married or are already in a relationship and just signed up on ladyboy dating sites to fulfill their fantasies.

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Other men may also pose as celebrities or other people and don’t reveal their real identities. For you to prevent wasting your time with someone like this, you have to do proper research.

You may do this by doing a google search with quotation marks before and after their:

  • name
  • phone number
  • e-mail address, etc.

You may also do a reverse image search by using the photos that they sent you to truly know if they’re real or not.

4. Loving Blindly

When you’re dating someone online, you should not deal with it by loving blindly. You must assess it from different points of view. Look at your relationship internally and externally and determine if it’s a real one.

Many people fall prey to good looks, empty promises, and fake apologies. If you want to truly be happy, love not only with your heart but with all of your senses and most especially, with your mind.

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5. Diminished Self-worth

Many people in love tend to reduce their self-worth. In worst cases, they lose it altogether. If you feel like you’re the only one who’s often compromising and that you are becoming a lesser version of yourself, you’re not in the right relationship.

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Yes, a romantic relationship is made possible by two people learning how to share their lives. But it doesn’t mean that one should benefit more than the other. This life must be SHARED EQUALLY.

6. Dating The Same Men

The worst thing that you can do is date the same type of man and keep blaming yourself for the demise of the relationship. You see, no matter what you do to improve yourself, if you end up with the same type of losers, you’re never going to achieve your happily-ever-after.

Try expanding your horizons and you will see that there are much better options out there. How will you know what true love is if you keep on insisting on the wrong type for you?

7. Not Reprimanding Men For Being Condescending

Sadly, in 2021, a lot of men even though they date ladyboys openly, still think lowly of transgender women. This is not right but it still happens to this day. Added to that, because of the language barrier in most relationships, many ladyboys unwillingly agree to everything even if they’re already compromising their virtues, opinions, and personas.

a woman with a hand on the mouth

If you’re dating a master manipulator who always speaks to you condescendingly, it’s time to have a conversation with them. Let them know that they are NOT ALLOWED to speak with you in a certain manner because you’re not just any other girl.

8. Giving EVERYTHING Too Soon

Oh no! Don’t ever do this if you don’t want to be ghosted or to be treated like crap. Let men know that they have to work hard to get what they want out of you. You are the prize and you shouldn’t give everything away too soon.

This will give them an idea that you’re easy to get and not worth pursuing. If a man is up for a challenge, it means that they’re really into you. If they’re not, they probably are not that into you and will just string you along.

Never be too intimate right off the bat. It’s better to play coy than be over flirtatious in the beginning stages.

9. Not Setting Boundaries

We’ve heard the phrase “Men are the hunters, women are the prey” repeatedly. As overused as it may seem, it’s something that many ladyboys fail to comprehend and digest completely. If you live your life by this saying, you’re going to have an easier way of navigating through real love.

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TREAT MEN EQUALLY. No matter if they’re your type or not. Don’t compromise some of your rules or let others take a pass just because you like them more than the others. Once you have this lifestyle, you’re going to be unconsciously more attractive to men in general.

10.   Letting Ulterior Motives Matter More

Yes, we all have ulterior motives. We all have a type. We don’t just enter a relationship just because of the sake of it. We may be saying yes because someone’s physically attractive, extremely popular, ultra-smart, mega-rich, uber-romantic, etc.

But don’t let these ulterior motives get the best of your intentions. If you ignore these and truly get to know a person first, your options will expand without you making an effort.

Don’t reduce your options based on first impressions. Be genuine when you’re trying to get to know a person and you’ll be surprised about their real beauty!

Good luck!

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