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Why giving away your number too quickly is a bad idea

Dating is not to be taken lightly because when you’re on it, your goal is to find a partner who you’ll be spending the rest of your life with. If true love is easy to find, literary catalysts helping single souls find their mate wouldn’t exist.

If you’re serious about finding that special someone who possesses all the mojo that can turn your cold nights into warm twilights, you should have an effective strategy. Today, we’re going to explain why giving away your number too quickly can hurt your quest for the one.

Please know that this guide is made specifically for ladyboys who are looking for a husband. But it doesn’t mean that the things listed below won’t work for you.

1. It will give Desperate Vibes

Most men love the hunt and if you’re giving away everything too quickly, you’re going to take out the enjoyment from them. If you give away your number too quickly when they ask for it on a dating website, they’re going to think that you’re easy to get.

Men go gaga over ladyboys who are discerning and selective of their mates. This gives them a preview that you’re not easy to sway and that you value your worth. It may also make them think that you’re someone who values monogamy.

Listen, control the urge no matter how cute the guy is! If he likes you, he will work for it!

2. He’s probably not serious

A lot of men will not only ask for your number, but they’ll also ask for your Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, etc., ID. All of these platforms have the capability of video calling and if they’re in such a hurry to get yours, you’re probably in their bucket of random online FUBUs.

He’s probably not serious

They do this and treat it like a lottery with instant gratification. Do you seriously think that men who do this are only saving one number at a time?

We will be discussing the quantity bit in the later parts but let’s focus first more on his characteristics.

3. Says so much about his patience

Let’s face it, ladyboys don’t have the pressure of a ticking biological clock. So why would men pressure you to connect so quickly?

  • Is he ultra bored and lonely and he’ll settle for anyone who says yes?
  • Will the spark develop quicker if he gives you a false sense of urgency?
  • Should you feel like you have to cut the line and jump quickly in his life to win the competition to his heart?

None of the answers to those questions matter because only a desperate ladyboy will have “what-ifs” with a man she barely knows. Always remember that you’re the prize and he should be patient if he wants to be your man.

4. You’re probably 1 out of 100

Ladyboys in general simu or multidate because most men in the dating pool are not looking for anything serious. This saves them a lot of time and energy from dating the wrong guy.

Now, a lot of men multi or simudate not because they want to save time and energy, but because they want to have multiple partners at the same time. You see, when a man has your number and he’s messaging you through another platform that’s more personal, it’ll give you a sense of false special treatment.

You’re probably 1 out of 100

You’ll also feel special because he gave his private number to you and he’s opening up because he trusts you. Sadly, that’s not the case because he can just block you just as much as he wants using a platform outside of a dating site.

He’s doing that because he wants to save money from paying the dating site’s fees so he’s collecting all of the numbers of the ladyboys he finds attractive. In layman’s terms, he’s just migrating the site’s database onto his phone.

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5. You’re not worthy of waiting for

This hurts but it must be said. A man who’s rushing you doesn’t care about how you’d feel. He has already formulated a decision in his head that you’re not really the one. Before to try making an argument about this, you have to assess it objectively.

When you revere and respect someone, you’re more cautious with your actions. You don’t say or do anything to that person on a whim because you’re afraid of the repercussions. You strategize and think long and hard about what your next step would be.

Now, put that logic and try applying it to a man who’s striking a conversation with you. If he asks for your number right away without thinking that you might be offended, do you seriously think that he’s really into you and see you as a prize who’s worthy of waiting for?

6. He’s going to get bored because of the lack of mystery

Not to equate your love life with the riddle of the Sphynx, but when it comes to seducing a man, you must sprinkle him with mystery. Sure, there’s a certain charm to people who are open and warm, but along with that openness comes boredom and annoyance.

He's going to get bored

Some people who love talking about themselves can get borderline self-obsessed and that’s far from alluring. So if you want to ensure that he’s caught upon your web, refrain from giving away too much, most especially your number right off the bat.

Let him wonder for days, even weeks, about how you sound or how you look in motion. Let him spark his creativity and fantasize about you. Doing so will give you the power because you’ve lingered so much in his mind already.

7. He will not see you as a prize

Not to make it sound like we live in the 50s and we’re reinforcing anti-feminism thoughts. But scientifically, men are natural providers. Let him provide the effort, time, and energy to get closer to you. Let him do the hard work so when he finally becomes your mate, he’s going to be proud of himself and consider making you say yes, an achievement in his life.

Because he has worked so hard for you, he’s not going to let you go so easily. This is why it’s very important for you to always ensure that before entering relationships, you make men perceive you as the prize.

8. Your number may be used for scams

Lastly, for a less romantic reason to a more practical and logical one, your number may be used for scams! When you give too much information, including your number, hackers can try accessing your social media accounts by trying to make a password reset trick.

Your number may be used for scams

Some people may even use your number when they’re registering on seedy websites that require a phone number. Others may even sell this information to blackhat advertising agencies that will bombard your phone with unfamiliar products and services.

Now that you know the common reasons as to why giving away your number too quickly to strangers on a dating site is a bad idea, it’s time to take action. Are you still single and looking for the man of your dreams?

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The first decent dating site for ladyboys & cool guys
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