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Why Men Keep Breaking Up With You

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There’s nothing wrong if your past partners were the ones who initiated the breakup. It does not mean that you’ve failed or that you’re not worthy of love. However, if it becomes a pattern, there are ways to determine if certain improvements may help you.

Remember, in a relationship, you have to consider the other person. Life won’t be so much about you anymore. You must understand how to live in unison with another soul.

They Say

Hindsight is always one of the best vantage points in determining one’s character. This is why you have to take note of how others perceive you. This does not mean that you have to obsess about every compliment or critique. It’s just a guideline for you to assess if you indeed need improvement.

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It’s NOT You… It’s HIM

Nothing is vaguer than this statement. This is often why a lot of ladyboys don’t get closure. This can mean a lot of things and today, we will help you determine the possible reasons why he said this.

  • He probably met someone who he feels is a better match for him
  • You scared him away with something that you have said or did
  • There’s something about you that he just can’t like or accept
  • He’s still discovering what he really wants in life and you’re a possible distraction
  • Ladyboys are some sort of an experimental phase for him… which is wrong but can happen
  • He doesn’t have sexual chemistry with you
  • You intimidate him and he feels inadequate and more

Don’t worry, whatever the reason may be, at the very least, he still respects you. In a way, he still honors what you’ve had as he did not just ghost you. To avoid this kind of conundrum, you have to be more communicative the next time you get in a relationship.

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He Feels Suffocated

Many ladyboys can get a little clingy in relationships. What contributes to this clinginess is the fact that a lot of couples in the world of ladyboy dating are in a long-distance relationship setup.

You have to realize that men don’t like feeling suffocated. They’re highly curious and adventurous creatures. Don’t expect that a lion won’t retaliate if you strangle it.

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Furthermore, this could just be an excuse for him to have more free time to cheat. This statement is a double-edged sword. To avoid this in the future, you must focus on yourself even if you’re in a relationship.

Still do the things you love and keep continuing pursuing your passions. Doing so will give you less time in trying to figure out his whereabouts in every waking moment of your life.

You Are Too Far

Nothing is more precise than a statement like this. You either have to move or accept this reality. Not many people can go on with a relationship that lacks touch. This is one of the most common reasons why couples who met through dating sites break up.

Their interests are not enough to keep the attraction and the infatuation eventually fizzles out.

He Feels Like He’s Disappointing You

This is a code for you having nagger tendencies. You have to assess if you’re indeed a nagger. Ask your friends, family, and people close to you if you really are. If they say so, it’s time for some improvements.

Communication is key and don’t confuse this with arguments. All topics can be discussed in a peaceful manner. By modulating the tone of your voice and choosing better words to state your predicament, you’re going to have better results.

Added to that, you must also gauge your expectations. Don’t ask too much from a person most especially if that person is not asking too much from you. Just like what Beyonce sang, “perfection is the disease of a nation”.

You’re TOO GOOD For Him

This can translate literally but it can also be said in a patronizing way. If you don’t think that it’s not said in a literal sense, you have to make a self-assessment. Do you often share how amazing you are without making him feel like he’s amazing too?

Do you talk down on him and say things that could make a person lose their confidence? If not, he may just have insecurities that he needs to sort out. This is usually fixable if the both of you can come to terms via good communication.

You Should

If you’ve discovered things that you need to improve on, this section will give you bonus tips ensuring that in your next relationship, men will find it harder to break up with you.

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Be Confident

In whatever you do, you must have confidence. This is the s*xiest characteristic that a ladyboy can have. This will also make him feel that you’re the perfect person for him because you don’t give him a “lack” energy.

Arrogance is different from confidence. The former is something that an insecure person would resort to. Real confidence is quiet and a genuinely confident person lets other people talk about their achievements and actions instead of talking about these themselves.

Draw Boundaries

Men can smell desperation from miles away. This is such a turn-off for them. This will make them feel that you’re not a prize and they won’t go out of their way into having a real relationship with you.

A ladyboy who’s not desperate often draws boundaries. She knows what she wants in life and is clear about how she wants to be treated. Men often respect and treat her more special because of this. Suffice to say, don’t give everything away too easily!

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