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How to make your Online Relationship Work

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Not all of us are lucky to have the luxury of living with our partners.  A long-distance relationship is thought of as something doomed to end prematurely; because of the lack of physical presence. However, I personally know a lot of people who can make it work.  I’m not discounting the fact that some long-distance relationships have a façade of fidelity but are rotten outside of the puritan image so please don’t come for me unless I send for you.

Yasss Kenya Moore, you go girl!

I’m an Aquarius and it’s really hard for me to have an online relationship simply because it takes more time of my day because I find that communicating from afar is less gratifying than being present in person so the duration of conversations needs to be longer than usual… or it’s just something to tire one’s partner so he/she can’t cheat anymore LOL.

Anyway…  Less rambling and more talking about how I can help you maintain your emotional bond with your ladyboy date.

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Set an achievable schedule

Chances are, you and your ladyboy date live in parallel dimensions and the time difference is a pain in the ass.  I’d say, if you’re both working, you guys should meet halfway.  However, if you work on the same schedule, I’m going to share with you how I made it work.  I have an ex-boyfriend who lives in San Francisco, California and we both worked at night shifts… suffice to say, it was impossible to meet halfway lol.  What we’d do was on my break times, we’d talk on Facebook messenger for about 5 minutes just to see each other and to know that both of us are alive and well.

Once I get home (he’s still at work and does overtime), I do my usual me-time stuff and wait for him to get home.  We see each other online for 30 minutes before he does his thing and goes to sleep.  On weekends, our talks our longer depending on one’s mood and that’s how our communication was well-maintained.  Even though we’re not together anymore (not because of the lack of communication), I still recommend you to try our schedule out if you’re in the same situation with your ladyboy date.

Maintain a certain amount of time that you can offer your partner

Personally, I don’t like talking to somebody for more than an hour if it’s online or over the phone.  I simply have better things to do with my time (not that I don’t love my boyfriend) plus it’s impractical to compromise one’s personal growth just to spend it on hours and hours of sweet nothings.  I’d say, a good hour a day is more than enough to give to your ladyboy date excluding I love you and Good Morning texts.

Update your ladyboy date

If you’re running out of things to talk about, the best conversation starter is how both of your days went.  Talk about current events and update your conversation from repetitive and mushy to something more interesting.  It can be just about anything, your favorite new music, the TV show you’re currently obsessed with, your nagging boss, your annoying co-worker, and just about anything under the sun that’s currently happening in your life.   A bleak conversation can translate to different assumptions especially when the conversation is only done online.  The other may think you’re disinterested because you have nothing to talk about anymore so be creative.  Channel your inner Wendy Williams and serve your partner daily Hot Topics.



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The first decent dating site for ladyboys & cool guys
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