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Importance of Proper Tucking and Safety Measures

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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If you’re a ladyboy or you have a ladyboy girlfriend, it’s vital for you to know the importance of proper tucking. Without safety measures and ample knowledge, it can prove to be dangerous.

The majority may find this topic a bit trivial and to some, comical. However, in this guide, you’ll find that it’s not. Please know that this guide was not created to make fun of or attack a group of people. It was created for educational purposes only.

What is Tucking?

According to the Transgender Health Information Program, tucking is a process to help hide one’s penis and testes. It can be done by pushing the scrotum and penis between the buttocks or the inguinal canals. In some cases, tucking can also be done simply by hiding the sexual parts in between the thighs.

There are many other tuck definitions but the word is normally used colloquially in relation to the hiding of the genitalia.

Why do Some People do Tucking?

Various reasons exist as to why people tuck their penises. Some revolve around a certain lifestyle, others do it because of gender dysphoria, while some do it for entertainment purposes.


Most people think that a large penis is God’s gift to men. However, how big is TOO big? Some men have naturally overgrown penises and in some cases, these may impact their lifestyle in a negative way.


Most people find it offensive to see bulging penises in public. Some may even think that these bulges are a form of harassment. Such a situation can be magnified by an overly large penis. This is why some of them resort to tucking in order to experience some sense of normalcy.

Gender Dysphoria

A lot of Asian ladyboys have heightened gender dysphoria levels. Having a conspicuous bulge can trigger their emotions in the wrong manner. Most ladyboys are hyper-feminine and a lot of them enjoy wearing dresses and skirts. This is why ladyboys practice tucking in order to combat a windy day’s revelation.

a trans women

Added to that, ladyboys also wear tight-fitted jeans and shorts and they don’t feel comfortable if their bulge is open to the public. As of 2020, women who have penises are still tabooed, and tucking is a good way to avoid discriminatory instances.


Sometimes, a tucked penis isn’t only called for in serious moments. There are many shows that require proper tucking. Variety shows, beauty pageants, reality shows, etc. are all avenues of why the tuck tape is still in the market.

Who does the Tucking?

Plenty of people are experts on how to tuck. However, it’s important to categorize them in order to fully know why they choose to have tucked penises. Knowing so will give you a more in-depth idea as to why such an occurrence is very important to some people.


As mentioned before, tucking is very important for individuals who have gender dysphoria. Without tucking, ladyboys will be subject to ridicule, harassment, embarrassment, and abuse.

transgender woman and guy

Because the majority is still not accepting of ladyboys, a beautiful woman with a bulging penis is still tabooed. There is nothing wrong with a ladyboy having a penis. However, having a bulging penis in public may put her in dangerous situations.

Added to that, most ladyboys are not comfortable with having a penis. If they have not undergone sex reassignment surgery (SRS) yet, tucking is what provides them comfort in their own skin.

Drag Queens

Drag Queens are instrumental in trying to make tucking less tabooed. Because of the popular TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race, tucking is viewed in a more amorous manner.

Before the popularity of drag queens on national television, tucking always had negative connotations in the entertainment industry. People found tucking comedic, comical, and in some cases, repulsive.

a drag queen

It’s very important for drag queens to know how to tuck; not just tuck, but TUCK. They are known for having amazing techniques when it comes to tucking. So much so that they’re able to hide their penises and testes even if they’re only wearing string bikinis.

Because drag queens aim to exude a hyper-feminine illusion, they need to complete the “full woman” look with a perfectly tucked penis.

Ancient Athletes

Did you know that in ancient Greece, small penises were revered? This is why a lot of nude male Grecian sculptures have small penises. The reason being is that in their time, a small penis symbolizes huge intellect.

ancient athlete statue

One of the most popular examples of tucking by ancient athletes is the bronze sculpture known as “The Boxer”. The sculpture doesn’t only show a penis that’s secured within the foreskin. It also showcases the penis being tucked away.

Modern Athletes

Although this has not been proven, a lot of discussions about athletes tucking their penises surface online. Other sports require men to wear a cup for protection. Some people assume that for their genitals to be extra protected, other athletes resort to having a tucked penis.

Extra Gifted

Like mentioned before, there are men who are quite gifted when it comes to their penis size. However, the gift is not always considered a blessing. Some tuck theirs to avoid embarrassment or being accused of perversion.

How to Tuck Properly and Safely

Now that you’re aware of tuck’s meaning and who does it, it’s time for you to have knowledge on how to tuck properly and safely. Please know that what will be listed here are the best-known practices of tucking. This is only a well-researched guide and not a medical article encompassing tucking. If you have sensitive skin or other health issues, please consult a physician first.

women underwear

However, please know that both methods shouldn’t be daunting. Tucking should only be mildly uncomfortable. It shouldn’t cause major pain. You may not get it right the first time but with enough practice, you’re going to master the art of tucking.

Tuck Tape Method

The most popular way to tucking is the tape method. It’s widely used by a lot of individuals who are aiming for a seamless crotch look. If you’re planning to wear tight trousers, bikini, and other wardrobe-malfunction-prone (bulge-prone) types of clothing, this method is for you.

What You’ll Need

  • Medical tape
  • Tight underwear
  • Tucking gaff (for more protection and seamless look)

A tucking gaff, for those who don’t know, is a slice of fabric that flattens the tummy. This is often a DIYed project that’s made out of a cut pantyhose. If you don’t want to go through the hassle, you can simply order it online.

Should you choose instant gratification, you may also use a panty liner as a tucking gaff. You can buy pantyliners in convenient stores. However, this is not highly recommended as it could make your crotch look fat.

Tuck the Testes

The first thing that one must do to successfully have a flat-looking crotch is to tuck the testes. This may be tricky at first because the testes may keep slipping back from the inguinal canals. It’s very important to do this slowly to avoid pain and discomfort. This is done easier with the help of two to three fingers guiding each testicle to its proper inguinal canal placement.

Once the testes are in place, it’s time to follow-up by tucking the penis and scrotum. If you have a big penis, it may reach to your anus but this is a natural occurrence and not something to worry about.

Protect with Tape

After having everything out of sight, it’s time to secure them with a tape. Only use medical tape and don’t use other kinds of tape. Duct tape and other tapes with strong adhesives may damage the skin. You can easily purchase medical tape from drugstores or online.

Furthermore, to avoid pain when you untuck, it’s best to shave before the tucking process.

  1. Be sure that your skin is dry.
  2. Attach the tape on the penis from the crotch all the way back to your tail bone.
  3. Do the same for the inguinal canals.
  4. Secure the edges with tape as well.
  5. Once your tuck has been secured with tape, wear the tuck gaff and cover it with tight underwear.

Tuck Gaff Method

If you’re not planning to wear anything snug, you can get by through the tuck gaff method. This is good for people who are going to wear dresses or long tops. All you’ll need is a tucking gaff and underwear.

  1. Dry your skin.
  2. Tuck your penis.
  3. Secure your tuck with a tucking gaff.
  4. Cover with underwear.

Is Tucking Safe or Dangerous?

There is not enough evidence about the dangers of tucking. The risks associated with the little information available online are skin infections, urinary trauma, and testicular complaints. Some also reported chafing so it’s best to inspect your skin for wounds and irritations before doing it.

skinny girl

Sterility is also a false claim as it cannot be caused by tucking alone. However, if you’re undergoing hormone replacement therapy, you have to speak with your medical provider.

Added to that, to avoid muscle and tissue damage, never tuck with force. Be gentle and give the process the ample time that it requires. Tucking is generally safe but it’s always best to consult a doctor most especially if you have medical issues.

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