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How I handled a cheating boyfriend

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Any type of abuse should not be tolerated.  As a woman in the world of transgender dating and a former adult entertainer, I’ve had my fair share with jerks and a-holes.  Today, I’m going to share with you the things I did in order to recover from a bad relationship plus a bonus of how I got back at him lol.

Please take this with a grain of salt. If you’re not like me who’s into vindication, please stop reading.

The story

So this guy used to be my boss when I worked as a business consultant.  He’s from Saudi Arabia and we met when he decided to come here to buy textiles to sell in KSA.  We lived in the same hotel for a long 2 weeks and I didn’t make love with him because I wanted to keep the relationship professional.  He then goes on falling in love with me and shiz like that but I was refusing him because I wanted to focus on my job.

Apart from writing in Myladyboydate, I also had a job as a news writer and I was also designing his website which goes along with the package of helping him find the textiles and overall doing all the job he needs to do for him.


Let’s call him Mr. M.

Anyway, long story short, I was blinded by the romanticism and the 8-inch schlong and decided to become his girlfriend.

So how did the abuse happen Amanda?

Well… he’s sexually fluid.  He goes ALL ways.  He’s a pansexual.  Apart from being that, he acted on it while we were still dating.

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His cheating

One time, I was woken up by the hotel security asking if I’m going to allow the ladyboy staying on the next door to leave which was paid by Mr. M.  I had NO WORDS. I was face to face with the street walker and on my back was Mr. M with shame on his face but nonchalantly went back to sleep.  I’m not the type to argue so I let that pass.

2nd time it happened was when he invited his Filipino friend (a gay guy) to stay in our room (we had 2 beds). They are”friends” and they met when the guy worked in Saudi Arabia.  In the middle of the night when Mr. M thought I was fast asleep, I peeked through the blanket while the thick blanket on the other bed was moving from God knows what activity they were doing.

3rd strike was when he supposedly went back here “just for me”. He gave me a warning that their hotel doesn’t allow “ladyboys” before I went to him because we planned a 2-week trip together.

How I handled it

My inner Nancy Drew was forced to come out and made me wring the truth out of his mouth.  Suffice to say, he cheated on me MANY times over.  He even cheated on me for the transgender woman stylist I’ve hired for a photoshoot.  I know that it was partly my fault because I wasn’t making love with him but I was in the time of my life wherein I was slowly escaping the adult industry.

He should’ve respected that and he should’ve respected ME.   So what did I do to stop the abuse?  The day after he confessed that he slept with another P*TA, he left a note that he was going out for breakfast and he didn’t want to wake me.

I ordered breakfast (in his name), packed my bags, hailed a cab, and WENT HOME.  While in the cab, I texted him a long-ass message; about how he should take the trip alone and fck his brains out with everything that moves.

I really had a hard time recovering and I was like this transgender dating world is a freaking mess.  I threw away all his gifts, blocked him everywhere, and sworn to myself to never talk to him again.

Months later he created a new account and sent me a message on Facebook saying he was terribly sorry and shiz blah blah.  The time he messaged me was the time I was jaded from him so I decided to take my little revenge by making him pay for the downpayment of my car.

This will be a novella if we keep on going but I’m sure you get the gist lol.



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About the author

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
Amanda Valentine has been a writer for My Ladyboy Date for over 10 years. She writes various topics on trans dating and other trans-related content. Her personal experiences as a transgender woman have given her a unique point of view on trans topics. She has written 5 books on trans women’s relationships and has made it on Amazon’s best-seller list. Her book “Dating Transgender Women for Gentlemen” reached #3 on the Transgender Studies category on Amazon. Her love for writing started when she won a poetry contest in 4th grade which made her pursue a career in literature.

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