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Top 4 tips in making your online relationship work

Pharine Lee
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Online relationships with your ladyboy girlfriend are sometimes tough to handle especially when your only means of communication are chat, phones calls and Video calls. There are times when both of you are too busy, you may end up not talking at all and that’s not healthy for a relationship but when it’s either one of you are likely doing nothing at all and the other one are busy doing his or her thing, that’s where the drama starts and seek attention of partner or worst, seeks attention of others. Now how can you avoid these things to happen? There are ways that you can do to keep your communication consistent and smooth.

When your ladyboy girlfriend is on a different time zone

One common problem of online relationship are time difference. When your ladyboy girlfriend or boyfriend lives at the opposite side of the earth, for example you are living in Europe and your ladyboy girlfriend is from Asia, a little sacrifice will help. It’s either staying up late or waking up early. With this, both of you will learn to value each other’s time which is a good foundation for a relationship. And don’t forget to give and take, it means both of you are making an effort to wake up early or stay up late.

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Ladyboys and gentlemen learn to schedule your chats

Now, if in case your little sacrifices didn’t work since your job requires you good sleep and rest, try to talk it over and know each other’s convenient time to chat or call. Setting specific time and day to communicate is a great way to keep the spark on you relationship in spite of your busy schedule. It gives you peace of mind where you don’t need to think if he or she’s waiting you online. You don’t like to keep your love one waiting in vain right? So definitely this time/day setting will work for everyone.

Appreciate offline messages from your date

If your case is severe, when you literally can’t catch up one another online, sending offline messages is best for you. Daily short message will help to brighten up your day. Even the time gap of replies took more than 12hours, it somehow gives you the feeling of constant conversations. But for those who don’t have time for this, long email or message will do once a week. Receiving long emails simply shows that you’re giving effort to your partner to catch up the time you were not able to talk.

Have a break, have a chit chat with your online date

Sometimes no matter how you manage your time to do everything, it seems that it’s not working at all. That’s why having a break at least for day at work or on whatever you are doing is not only beneficial for your online relationship but to yourself as well. It gives you time to breath and share quality time with your love one. This will make your ladyboy girlfriend or boyfriend feel special and make sure that you make the most out of it.

As you become at ease and use to each time and schedule, development of trust comes along, where you don’t have to feel guilty anymore if you missed talking to one another. The love that you built along your way will help you feel that no matter how busy your partner is, he or she will make a way to reach out to you until the day you meet in person.

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  • Renae Ayris
    I love this article ! definitely right ! thanks to this ms.pharine ! :)
  • Very good article Ms. Pharine :) I'm in long distance relationship with my girl from Philippines since mid-July and I can say all of that you wrote is correct. If I can add something i would say 3 things that, to me, have been extremely important to keep the relationship strong and healthy: 1. Trusting your partner, above cheap rumors and people wanting to hurt the relationship; 2. Honesty with your partner and with yourself too, having clear your feelings towards the other person; 3. The will to make the relationship bigger and closer everyday. Some say that "long distance relationship is the path of the bravest", and maybe they're right in some sense, it's very difficult sometimes. But to me it has been a wonderful experience most of the time til now, and I really hope it can last for very long time.

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