Everything you want to know about dating transgenders

Posted on September 1, 2013
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At My Ladyboy Date, we take our mission very seriously! Not only do we build bridges between transsexual women and men, but also we’re always very happy to give extra help, tips, and advices when we’re asked.

It happens that we get that kind of questions by email, or by private message. Like extra help or advice after a man met a special transgender on our site (what’s the best airlines for visiting Philippines? How should I tell my friends about it? and so on…)

So let’s answer your questions in a way that’s gonna benefit everybody! Got a question, want an answer? Have questions about transgender dating, love relationships or transgenders in general? Just ask us and we’ll help you, give you our opinion and advice on the topic with a Youtube video that everybody can benefit from. Just ask your questions in the comments of the Youtube video (or in the comments of this article) and we’ll answer one of them in our next video! One video every week!

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