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Top 11 Excuses Romance Scammers Make To Get Money

You may have heard many stories about romance scammers most especially on ladyboy dating sites. However, if you still don’t have a keen eye for determining them, you must keep reading.

Please know that not because you encounter one or more of these tactics immediately means that you’re dealing with a scammer. These were listed as a guideline only. Take everything with a grain of salt.

1.  My parent/s is sick

When it comes to romance scams, empathy is at the top of the list to exploit. What could be a better excuse to ask for help than being presented with a life and death situation?!

sick woman

Added to that, a lot of people suffer from having a hero complex so it’s not hard to see why a lot of love-seekers often fall for this trap.

2.  Broken cellphone camera or no smartphone

Many scammers who also happen to be posers love using this excuse. Because they don’t want the victim to know that they are using another person’s avatar, they will in no circumstance make a live video call happen.

Broken smartphone

But not all scammers who use this excuse are posers. Some of them use this for the victim to send money to buy a new phone. Or for the victim to send the scammer a phone for the latter to sell.

3.  I want to study but I don’t have money for the tuition fee

Another empathy exploiter is this one. Many scammers have leveled up their game. They’re not just pretending to be beggars now. These days, they will make the victim feel like that want to change their lives with their victim’s help.

a student

Because many people are encouraged to help people who have the initiative to change for the better, this type of scam often works. Many people value education and it’s not hard to see why this tactic is highly effective.

4.  I’m studying online and my course requires me to purchase this and that

In marketing, this style provides a sense of urgency which makes it very effective. Because the scammer claims to already be studying and is just encountering mishaps, the victim will most likely participate.

a student on a bed

Things like the need to buy certain tools, props, books, etc. can all be used to accumulate a good amount of money.

5.  I need money for “hormones”

This strategy is mostly done by ladyboy scammers. Many victims (most of them live in the west) are aware of what hormone replacement therapy is. They may not have a textbook or complete knowledge about the topic but what they do know is that many transgender women need it.

plenty pills

Because the strategy involves health and wellness, many fall victim to it. Added to that, scammers can capitalize on the lack of knowledge of their victims regarding this type of scam because they have more room to invent the prices and more.

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6. My landlady/landlord warned to kick me out

Who would ever think of this tactic as a bad idea? Because like anything that involves health, a place to live is vital. And this type of strategy enforces the power of urgency.

How could anyone resist the plead of someone who is afraid to sleep on the streets? Only the heartless or someone who has been scammed one too many times.

7. I skipped breakfast/lunch/dinner because…

Casual conversations sometimes involve one person the other of what they ate. It could also be what the other has eaten. All-in-all, it involves sustenance. The scammer would often share how they have missed a meal because they don’t have enough money. 

sad woman

And how could anyone refuse to help someone who’s in need of something as basic as food? Food’s a necessity to survive. Many romance scammers love this tactic and this is what they often use to ask for “grocery” money.

8. My pet/s need/s medicine

Because many people already know about the sick family member drama, they’ve become innovative with their stories. A lot of people, most especially in the west, love pets. So much so that many of them consider their furry babies as part of their families.

a dog at the vet

Another empathy angle that scammers enjoy exploiting is that of animals. If you have a pet, you already know that it’s not cheap to own one. Sadly, these pets will never be able to reveal the truth.

9. I will apply for a VISA or I will buy a ticket

When we think of romance scammers, we always think of something that’s more on the surface. But you have to remember that there are the ones who take this type of scheme into a much deeper level.

a passport

So much so that they are able to get to the talks of moving in together or meeting up by traveling internationally. Plane tickets and VISA applications don’t come with a cheap price tag. Having someone pay for a non-existent round trip from Asia to the US can feel like winning the casino’s grand jackpot for the scammer.

10. I can’t get a job because…

If you think that health and poverty are the only reasons that romance scammers use, you’re wrong. In the world of ladyboy dating, many scammers like to excuse their lack of a job because of discrimination. But you have to understand that in 2023, many ladyboys are already thriving in their chosen careers.

a person on a bed

This is not to say that workforce discrimination doesn’t exist. But to say that they LITERALLY CAN’T GET A JOB, is reaching.

11. I prefer putting up a business and I need help with…

If there’s an official hierarchy of romance scammers, people who master this tactic can be considered perfect to be on the top level. These scammers have some sort of formal education that they capitalize on to deceive people.

a woman front of a laptop

Because it is a reality that ladyboys still have a hard time reaching the pinnacle of their career when working for other companies or corporations, many of them achieve financial freedom only if they start the business themselves.

Which sadly in turn… makes these scammers more believable and successful in asking for a 5 to 6-digit type of investment!

Please know that majority of ladyboys are looking for love; most especially in My Ladyboy Date. The bottom line is that you know best when you’re being taken advantage of. Always draw boundaries when it comes to helping most especially if you have not met the person you want to help yet.

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