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Rejected Too Soon by a Ladyboy

When it comes to pursuing a romantic life, rejections are always present. But if you’re reading this, congratulations because you’re resilient enough to look for ways on succeeding after experiencing failures.

Many men get rejected by ladyboys for the simple reason that they don’t have the manual. This is because when it comes to ladyboy dating, some things are a bit different. Your approach with ciswomen may not be as effective but today is your lucky day because we will share with you some tips on how to deal with being rejected by a ladyboy you like.

Her Reasons

This section will focus more on the reasons that she may or may not have explicitly disclosed. Please know that this guide was not created to insult or let you down. This was made just for you to have a better understanding of ladyboys in general.

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Your Looks

Just like any other human being, she has the right to have preferences. This also includes the looks. Some ladyboys like tall men while others like short. Some of them prefer a guy who has dark skin while others want someone fair. Some ladyboys like skinny guys while many of them prefer chubby ones.

Don’t feel too offended if you’re not her personal type. There are ways to work around this one. The bottom line is, this one’s a little too complicated to solve.

What You Said

This is very common in the ladyboy dating world. Because a lot of men are still not familiar with the semantics that they should and shouldn’t use, they are often mistaken as rude and insensitive.

This usually involves men making ladyboys feel like they are “technically not women” or that they keep objectifying her because of what’s between her legs. If you want to avoid being rejected in the future because of this mistake, trying reading more about SOGIE (sexual orientation and gender identity expression).

Your Views

Don’t you just hate it when someone starts their statement with “Not to offend anyone BUT”, then continue it with something so offensive and is clearly targeting the listener? Yes, this may have been you to the ladyboy who rejected you.

Recall everything that the two of you talked about and check if you’ve shared some very offensive views. Yes, you have freedom of speech and you should be able to share what you want to share without being judged.

But you must also remember that realistically, if your views aren’t harmonious or could even go civil with your date’s, you will repel her.


This is a very valid excuse as to why she should reject you. Not many people are keen on waiting for years just to see if the chemistry is right. This is why a lot of people get rejected on online dating sites. Unfortunately, this is very hard to solve but again, there are ways to work around this.

However, if she’s made it clear that she doesn’t want a long-distance relationship. Don’t push it, it’s useless to push a cart sideways. You will only suffer and waste time.

Other Things She Said

Some stuff can be in relation to her referring to you as a pervert, not serious, and being too good for her can all be decoded if you only read between the lines. Focus on everything that she has said before and you will figure out what she really means.

But as a bonus, if she jokingly called you a pervert, she most likely means it and that is why she rejected you.

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Don’t worry, you can still redeem yourself. Don’t quit just yet because with these little tips, you might just win her back! Please know that these may or may not apply to you so take everything with a grain of salt.

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More Than What Meets The Eye

If she told you that you’re not her type, accept it. But don’t accept DEFEAT just yet! For you to spin the wheel, you should ask her if she could be your friend instead. Let her know that you think she’s cool and that you’re not trying to get inside her panties.

Show her the real you; your kindness, gentleness, sincerity, and relentlessness. Moreover, many ladyboys reject men just so that they could know if they will still pursue her or not. Keep going!


If she was offended by something you’ve said, apologize. Do this sincerely until you feel like you are back to square one again. If she’s still cold, she’s still not feeling like she can trust you. You must win her back by being consistent. Keep communicating with her and you’ll eventually feel her warmth again.

Also, let her know that you’re still trying to get to know her and that you want to learn more and ask her to tell you if she doesn’t like your vocabulary or behavior. If you do this, she will have more empathy for you and understand that you’ll make similar mistakes from time to time.


Did you share something controversial, or to put it a little more specific, offensive to her? Maybe a view, a philosophy, or belief, that she can’t seem to shake off? If so, it’s time to get back to her and offer a compromise.

This does not mean that you’re going to promise her that you’ll agree with her. Nobody wants to be with someone who doesn’t have their own thoughts. What this means is for you to come back and tell her that you’re ready to hear her out and you want to dive deeper about why the two of you disagree about something.

Future Conversations

If she rejected you because of distance and you really think that you have a future with her, don’t be afraid to convince her that you’re willing to meet up. If she doesn’t entertain the thought and tells you that many guys have promised the same thing to her already, give her a date.

A date or a time frame will let her know that you are a man of certainty. But don’t do this if you’re not a man of your word. She will find it unforgivable if you don’t live up to your promise.

More Tips

To sum everything up, you must be relentless. Don’t give up so easily most especially when it comes to love. If you fail but you know that you’ve done absolutely everything to make your dream happen, you’re not going to have regrets in the future.

Lastly, when it comes to dating ladyboys, you must always be respectful and kind. These two alone will get you a long way in your quest of finding a lifetime partner. Sign up to My Ladyboy Date today and your match may just be online at this very minute!

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