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How to Show Interest without Scaring a Ladyboy

Many ladyboys are from Southeast Asia and most people from that region grew up in conservative societies. It’s very important that if you’re planning to date someone from the region, you must know how to charm its ladyboys without scaring them off.

Today, we’re going to give you some useful tips that you can apply whenever you peruse My Ladyboy Date.

1. Signals

These are subtle yet very effective when trying to attract ladyboys. Sometimes, direct and verbal persuasion can come off as aggression. For example, instead of sending “you’re so hot” to someone you barely know, it’s better to send an emoji with heart eyes.

With the latter, it doesn’t give off vibes that you’re only attracted to her sensually. It’s up to her how to decipher your signal.

2. Polite Greetings

This is the most obvious way to charm a ladyboy without scaring her off. When it comes to being polite, you don’t have to go overboard by using words like “Greetings!” or “Madam”. Those are too formal, it’s not like you’re inviting someone to RSVP in a renaissance ball.

Polite Greetings

For example, you’re going to introduce yourself. Don’t just say “Hello!” and call it a day. Write something along the lines of “Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your profile. You’re quite attractive and smart and I’d like to have the opportunity to get to know you.”

Not only were you polite, but you were also assertive. Because you wrote your message quite politely, getting to know her wouldn’t require her permission anymore. It’s like shooting two birds with one stone.

3. Breaking the Ice

Most ladyboys are shy so you have to be maneuvering the conversation. If you don’t, she will think you’re disinterested. This is why you must know how to break the ice. If you feel like the conversation is going on an endless loop of “Hello”, “How are you”, “I’m fine”, etc., you MUST break the ice immediately.

How will you do this without scaring her off? Simple, give her the spotlight and let her unravel herself by asking questions. Remember, no political and religious topics should be discussed as these may spark arguments and differences.

Ask her about her hobbies, favorite movies, types of music she loves, and more.

4. Non-intrusive queries

In continuation of breaking the ice and not talking about religion and politics, you must also not ask her about her vital statistics, her preferred role in bed, what types of sleepwear she dons, and more.

Non-intrusive queries

The things mentioned above are highly intrusive and will make her think that you’re just being pervy. Added to that, don’t ask her about her dating history as well unless she opens it up herself.

You’ll never know what people have gone through and asking about the exes is like opening an unwanted Pandora’s box. You must be thinking that there won’t be too much repercussion but let’s give you an example of what she might say and how hard it would be for you, to shift her mood.

  • I broke up with my ex because he was beating me
  • My ex died from a car accident
  • He cheated on me with my best friend

Now you know why you shouldn’t just throw this question to anyone.

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5. Giving her the spotlight to talk

When you give her a lot of room to express herself, she will loosen up. This is why you should ask non-intrusive and fun questions for her to feel safe about being herself around you.

Ask about her dreams, her likes and dislikes, her interests, etc.

Picture yourself like you’re a showbiz TV host and you’re interviewing a superstar who’s promoting a film. If that wasn’t specific enough, we don’t know how else we can cite a better example.

6. Meeting up in public places

Even if a ladyboy agrees to do the deed with you, you must not invite her directly into your hotel room or your house. You must make her feel at ease. Wine and dine her first and show her some respect.

Meeting up in public places

If you tell her to go straight to your place, there’s a high chance that she won’t come. How would you feel if you were in her position? Remember, always choose to meet in a public place most especially if it’s your first meeting.

7. No sleeping together on the first date

Added to that, if you want to make her feel extra safe, you shouldn’t give her the impression that she should sleep with you on the first date. Don’t invite her to a drink after in your place. Let her know that you’re willing to wait before she’s ready to get to the next level.

Remember, you have to be verbal in telling her that you’re willing to wait. If not, she may think that you don’t find her attractive.

8. Followups

Now, if nothing happened on the first date, you must do a follow-up text. It’s imperative to do so. By the way, it would be much better if it’s a call. Let her know that you’re still actively thinking about her even if you met her already. She will feel coveted.


The ladyboy you’re eyeing will have the confidence of knowing that you are into her and you won’t do her any harm.

9. Showing care and support

If you’ve been communicating with her for quite some time now, you probably already know what she’s going through. It’s best for you to show your care and support even if the act is only done by a simple text or a simple call.

Make her feel like you’re always there for her most especially in her darkest times.

10.   Exclusivity

Finally, to not scare her off, let her know that you are someone who’s serious about relationships. Tell her that you’re looking to be exclusive and that you’re searching for your lifetime partner.

No ladyboy would waste her time on a man who says things like they’re only in a dating site for fun. Gone are the days when ladyboys will willingly waste their time and play this type of game with players.


Because successful relationships of ladyboys and men are rampant in social media right now, they have an idea that what they see online are foreshadowing of their future. If you don’t give off the vibes that you’re their future, they’re going to run away and look for someone who’s into serious relationships.

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Good luck!

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The first decent dating site for ladyboys & cool guys
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