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Compliments That Annoy Most Ladyboys

In life, you will sometimes experience having good intentions but bad executions. This will result in you, being misunderstood and attacked for your actions. If you’re new to dating ladyboys, you must understand that not all compliments are received well.

Some of them can end up insulting or annoying the receiver. For you to master the art of ladyboy dating, shut your trap and keep reading.

Compliments you SHOULD NOT give

These should not no circumstance, come out of your mouth if you’re serious about having a ladyboy girlfriend.

woman stop

You Look Like a Girl

Who are you talking to exactly? Don’t you see her as a girl? If not, what is she then? This is the most common mistake that a neophyte makes. Even non-trans-oriented people use this phrase a lot.

The reason why you should not say this is because it pertains to her, only masquerading as a girl. However, you must understanding that she is living her life 24/7 as a woman. She does not look the way she does part-time.

You’re the MOST BEAUTIFUL ladyboy I know

Not only is this a seedy claim, it’s also overused even if you try to rephrase it. Moreover, it’s like a back-handed compliment. The reason being is you’ve categorized her again to just ladyboys.

If you could’ve just said that she’s the most beautiful woman you know, it would be received better. But you must understand that nobody falls for this anymore lol.


This is often given to ladyboys who are passable. It is also used to compliment the ones who move with grace and are considered classy. But this kind of compliment is a double-edged sword.

No matter what euphemism you’ll use, this will still give her the idea of how lowly you think of most women like her.

Nobody will know you’re a ladyboy

You may be thinking that she’d be jumping for joy after you say this. But you’re wrong. Stop being presumptuous that she’ll enjoy your sweet words while you tear her sisters down. What’s so wrong with not being passable? Is there a Nobel Prize for being the most passable ladyboy?

What’s so special about her being able to hide her transness? Or maybe you’re excited about the fact of being able to date her publicly because you’re so concerned about pleasing the expectations of bigots. Choose your intentions wisely…

Most women should be more like ladyboys

Again, not only did you strip her of her womanhood, but you also gave a misogynistic comment. Yes, it may be true that a lot of men who find ladyboys attractive enjoy the perks of being with someone who doesn’t menstruate.

They get to have a good time conveniently without having to worry about the other’s health. They think that ladyboys are less dramatic and so forth. But you must remember that not all ladyboys are the same.

The ones who undergo hormone replacement therapy (HRT) experience mood swings too. They can be dramatic if they choose to. Besides, you wouldn’t be in your right mind if you keep equating a dramatic person with someone being hormonal.

Haven’t you noticed that there are a lot of dramatic men as well? Added to that, no matter what gender, if your partner is not in the mood to sleep with you, you should respect their wish.

You look natural

It’s pretty obvious that you will encounter many ladyboys who have undergone the knife. However, it’s not polite to point the work they’ve had out and thinking that you’re giving a compliment by telling her she had a job well done.

Others even go miles further when it comes to complimenting them.

  • “Wow, it looks natural, can I touch it?”
  • “Is your butt real!? Can you jiggle it for me?”
  • “Your breasts are so big and look natural, do they bounce?”

Please don’t say anything remotely close to the samples listed above.

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Compliments you SHOULD give

Now that you’re done zipping your mouth, it’s time to open it. If you want to give compliments, be sure that they go along with the sections below. Doing so will guarantee that your compliments will be well received. You may also get one in return!



If you want to compliment a ladyboy or anyone in particular, you must give compliments based on their personality. Because such compliment is more tailored, they will be more receptive and reactive in a positive way. They’ll be able to relate to what you’re saying and you will sound genuine.

If she’s smart, tell her so. Does she have a unique talent? Don’t fail to let her know.

No Competitions

Ladyboys did not transition for the sake of competing with others. They look how they do right now because of the way they want to. Don’t subject her to something that she has not signed up for.

Everyone can shine in their own way and all women, no matter their pasts, have crowns. Learn how to compliment her without tearing others down. This kind of method shows that you’re not a problematic person. If your goal is to have a ladyboy girlfriend, you must always show your good side.

No Misogyny

It’s never cool to insult and belittle someone based on their gender. Ladyboys have been discriminated against because of their gender for the most part of their lives. Why will you give her the feeling that you’re a discriminator as well? Do you think she’ll appreciate that you see her in higher regard than cisgender women?

Yes, maybe this kind of thing will work. But that would be for ladyboys who have no respect for others or the ones who lack education.

Stop Categorizing Her

Finally, compliment her without categorizing her. Stop using the words trans, ladyboy, etc. when you’re talking to her, or about her. Just let her know that you see her as a human being, a woman to be exact. There are proper circumstances to discuss her transness, but it does not include when you’re giving her a compliment.

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