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Dating Asian Men VS Dating Western Men

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Before getting to conclusions, please know that this article is not a debate. It was not created to divide ladyboys who prefer one over the other. This was just made for ladyboys to easily decide which type of man best fit them.

Everything that will be written here will be based on general information. Please don’t get offended if you’re a man and you can’t relate to what’s listed here.

Asian Men

Asia is a huge continent. The cultures are widely diverse. In this guide, however, the ones from East and Southeast Asia are going to be the ones highlighted. If you’re a guy from the Middle East or South Asia, you may find this unrelatable.

Asian Men

Chivalrous Culture

Although equality is being fought for in Asia, you must know that gender roles are still dominant in the continent. What this entails is men are supposed to be the givers while women, the receivers. Along with this is the fact that a lot of Asian men still behave gentlemanly.

  • They still open doors.
  • Asian men still prefer to pick up women instead of meeting up at the dating venue.
  • Dropping his girlfriend on her home is still a must.
  • Pulling the chair is still expected.
  • The man should ALWAYS pay the bill.
  • A guy is expected to look after his woman financially.
  • Any physically exhausting work must be done by the man.
  • Asking for permission before the first kiss is of normalcy.
  • and more.

Traditional Views

However, not everything is rainbows and butterflies in dating an Asian man. Tradition is very important to them and with this comes less freedom. A lot of Asian men are uncomfortable when women dress provocatively, most especially when it comes to their partners.

If you are dating an Asian man, your dress code may be restricted. Also, if your work heavily involves being yourself or showing your skin, it may pose a problem. Added to that, Asian men like to take care of their partners financially. If you are dating an Asian guy who’s well-off, being a housewife is a good way to avoid arguments.

Romantic Antics

Another downside of dating an Asian man is they are not known for being intimate. This is truer most especially if you’re dating a man from East Asia. Guys from Southeast Asia, most especially the Philippines, are more likely to be showier of their affection.


There is a saying that “Asian don’t raisin”. This means that Asians don’t age too quickly. A lot of Asian men are quite cute and remain to be so even well after their 50’s.

However, if you’re into brutes and Braun, Asian guys aren’t for you. Most of them have smoother and less hairy skin compared to western men. Not a lot of them are tall or bulky. Not to say that it’s impossible to find a big Asian guy but this reality is based generally.

Living Together

This may be challenging because Asian men stay with their families unless they start their own. Added to that, many Asian people are not accepting of trans-oriented relationships yet. This may only work if you have your own place or he has his.


As of 2021, Taiwan is the only country that allows same-sex marriage in Asia. If you’re not Taiwanese or not fortunate enough to have a Taiwanese boyfriend, marriage is out of the question.

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Western Men

The west is a huge place. It’s not easy to generalize them. However, in this guide, the focus will be on men from the places whereby same-sex marriages and trans-oriented relationships are available.

Western men

These are countries such as:

  1. United States of America
  2. United Kingdom
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Canada
  6. Sweden
  7. Norway
  8. Belgium
  9. and more


Chivalry is most definitely not dead in the west. However, when you compare western men to Asian men, you’re going to realize that the latter still reveres this trait. In the west, it’s more convenient and encouraged to:

  • Let a woman do her “own” thing.
  • Meet halfway to avoid inconvenience when it comes to dating.
  • Getting a cab instead of dropping the woman home.
  • The woman should at the very least, gesture to pay on dates.
  • Independent women are more appealing, thus, the thought of supporting one can be off-putting.
  • No matter how exhausting a task is, if a woman doesn’t ask for help, the man won’t offer, and more.


Before the ’70s, women were expected to be homemakers in the west. However, that changed as the fight for equality progressed. Nowadays, women have more freedom to do what they want and follow their dreams in the west.

If you’re dating a man from the west, he will less likely intrude with what you want to happen in your life. You will without guilt, be able to pursue your career ambitions and wear what you want.


Men from the west, especially from Latin countries, the French, and Italians are known for their warmth. They’re passionate men who are not afraid of what others think in regards to how they express their love, who they love, and what they want to be.

You’ll have an enjoyable time basking in their affection. If it’s sparks, rainbows, and butterflies that you’re looking for, you’ll highly-likely get those from a western man.


The west has a lot to offer when it comes to diversity with looks. No matter what you’re into, you’re going to find him in the west. Added to that, the diet in the west makes it easier to find a tall, brute, and buff guy. The options are limitless.

Living In

Most young adults from the west leave their nests once they get a job. This is why it’s very easy to find a live-in partner. If you’re looking for a deeper relationship before taking the next level, a western man is for you.

Marriage Possibility

If you want to wear a bridal gown and exchange “I dos”, you must date someone from the west. A lot of the countries in the region allow same-sex marriage. Added to that, their society barely cares about how two people should spend their lives.

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Good luck!

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