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Gift Ideas for Your Sad Ladyboy Girlfriend

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

Many people tend to put mental health on the back-burner. When we go through something, most of us just sleep it off and it’ll magically go away after several days. While this is a possibility for you, people have different coping mechanisms.

Not because it worked for you doesn’t mean that it’ll work for your ladyboy girlfriend. That’s why today, we’ve decided to make a list of things that you can give her if you feel like she’s going through something.

Remember, not everyone expresses their sadness, grief, etc. And there’s no harm in making her feel like you care for her. Added to that, don’t buy her another pair of lingerie. We all know that that kind of gift is more for you and not for her.


These will never go out of style. Even if your ladyboy girlfriend says that she doesn’t like them, the gesture itself will make her feel your utmost care. You see, it’s not whether she likes the gift or not, it’s always the thought that counts.


Moreover, if you send her flowers while she’s at work, you’re going to score more points. The reason being is that she’ll be able to share the same joy with her colleagues. She’ll also feel extra special from the envy and wishful thinking of the workmates she doesn’t get along with. Yes, it’s a little toxic, but ladyboys are allowed to have fun from time to time.

Spa Retreat

Nothing beats a spa retreat when it comes to releasing one’s stress. A great view, fresh and clean ambiance, and tactile stress-relievers can almost instantaneously rid her sadness.

If you’re dating a ladyboy, she’s probably in Southeast Asia and there are many day spas in the region. If not, you’ll probably find a deal from a hotel in a city close to where she lives.

Living together? Why not do it yourself? It’ll be more romantic that way. But of course, you must do a real massage. You want to take her sadness away with your magic hands and not your magic wand.


Linked with serotonin which is often dubbed as a happy hormone, you’ll surely alleviate some of her sadness away with the help of this sweet treat. But of course, you shouldn’t do this carelessly. Don’t buy a bag of Hershey’s Kisses and call it a day.


Pick something more romantic-looking like a box of Belgian chocolates. Don’t give her something that she can easily buy in a 7-eleven near her. That’s lazy and shows a lack of effort.

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Cuddly Toy

Okay, she’s probably not 12. But you have no idea how happy most ladyboys can be when they see something extra cute and fluffy on their doorstep. This is especially more important if you’re in a long-distance relationship with her.

Because she can’t caress, touch, and hold you, she needs a tangible depiction of you. Unless you want her to caress somebody else which is certainly not one of your options.


In connection with something cuddly and furry, why not give her a pet? Dogs and cats are known to be great stress relievers. If she’s already an animal lover, you’ve got yourself a sure shot at taking her sadness away.

But be sure that she’s allowed to take care of pets. In some cases, ladyboys might be living in a non-pet-friendly condo so take this idea off your head. Added to that, before giving her a pet, you must be prepared to help her take care of it and that means financially.

Vitamins, food, hygiene, and more, should all be handled by you. It’s not fair for her to take on a responsibility that you chose to impose on her. Yes, it’ll take her sadness away but if the maintenance of the pet is affecting her finances, that’s another unnecessary source of vexing stress.

Books, Games, Movies, etc.

Does her hobby include books, games, movies, and more? Well, you’ve got your answer. Surprise her with something that you know she’ll love. If she has mentioned something that she’s really into, find something in the same genre as what she mentioned.


For example, if she shares a story about the paranormal-romance book that she enjoyed, head on to the bestseller’s list and ship one out to her.

Did she tell you that she often plays some sort of MOBA game? Send her something to buy a new “skin”. Companies are always out there to get your money. Let’s rephrase that, companies are always there to help you. Just do it!


Is she a fashionista and heavily into bags, shoes, jewelry, and more? You don’t have to buy her something from Bulgari, unless you really love her and you can afford it. Going back to the topic, a piece of something that she’ll happily wear can instantaneously change her mood.

Added to that, many shoe companies in Asia still follow the standard sizing for women. Some ladyboys have big feet and find it hard to find shoes they love in their country. If you’re from the west, you’ll find many places that offer the perfect fit for your very own Cinderella.

Gift Card, Cash, etc.

Lastly, let’s not pretend that money doesn’t make people happy. That only applies to people who have millions of dollars in their bank accounts.

Nobody knows better than what will truly put a smile on her face. If additional savings is what will make her feel happy because she’ll feel more secure, then let her have it. If she wants to receive a gift card and go on a shopping spree in an online store, she deserves it.

Gift Card

Perhaps, she just needs some cash for an emergency, if you have it, give it.

You’re old enough to know when you’re being taken advantage of. If you’re planning to take the next step with your ladyboy girlfriend, you must live by the saying Happy Wife, Happy Life. Good luck in making her smile!

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