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Secrets of how to be a Master Flirt

There are many beautiful people and it can get quite puzzling how this reality is in existence. Most people tend to think that in order to attract someone, all one has to possess is physical beauty.

But then, this confusion is magnified when we meet people who we perceive as not “universally attractive” but have so many notches on their bedposts. Well, it’s not all about the looks. It’s about the GAME!

Yes, you can be picture-perfect and be the face of fashion magazines but if you don’t know how to flirt, you’re not going to get some. If you want to be in a relationship or you just want to have fun, flirtation is a skill that you must master. Doing so will give you the power to compel the person you like to take action because you’re good at giving clear signs that you are into them.

Without further ado, to be a master flirt, you have to start with…

Body Language

Nope, this doesn’t require you to grab the person by their genitalia. You don’t also have to kneel and beg for the other’s attention. Lastly, you won’t have to do cheesy hot poses just to get yourself noticed. Body language in flirtation is done flawlessly yet subtly.

two hands touching each other

If you’re a ladyboy, slight pats on the guy’s chest or forearm while they’re telling something funny on the first date can already give enough electricity to amplify their emotions towards you. If you’re a guy, you may also lick your lips from time to time (don’t overdo this, you’re not a lizard) and make it seem like you’re doing it unconsciously.

Winking can be hot too but then again, don’t overdo it. You’re going to look like you’re having facial spasms if you keep repeating it. You should time these when you’re making statements such as “I got it” when you receive the bill or wink when you don’t want to answer a naughty question.


Part of the most exciting premises of a relationship is making love. And being hot without seeming so desperate about it is not through being too vocal or too flashy about it.

You should choose classy and sexy outfits that emphasize your good bits. Don’t wear anything too loose because clothing like these usually gives off a too laid-back and disinterested vibe.

woman nicely dressed

If you’re a ladyboy, showcase either your chest, legs, or shape, but not everything at once. It’s okay to be hot but you don’t have to dress up like you were hired for the night. If you do so, the person’s thoughts about you might be of nothing more than just carnal desires.

Should you want to show cleavage, you have to wear something longer. If you want to show him how fit you are, wear a form-fitting dress that doesn’t show too much cleavage and doesn’t come with a micro mini skirt. Should you want him to witness that you have legs for this, it’s time to cover up your chest area.

Now, if you’re a guy, something that hugs your chests, biceps, or butt is usually a good go-to. Why not a well-fitting white linen shirt and slacks? Or if you want to dress down, how about some jeans and a sexy fitted tee?

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Call them by their name

According to some psychologists, if you call a person by their first name instead of starting conversations directly or with a hey, your voice and how you say their name will register deeply in their thoughts.

nice couple

From an article in, If you want to foster a connection with someone new, make a point to demonstrate that you are fond of them — without going overboard, of course.

“Experiments have consistently shown that if a person is told the other likes them, they have a better chance of liking them back,”

says Wilkes.

“Showing interest in the other’s thoughts and ideas and demonstrating your approval help with capturing attraction from the other.”

Cute nickname

Nicknames and pet names should not be done incorrectly. If you do this without care, you might end up making the person feel mocked or patronized. Don’t give them nicknames that you would normally give your dogs or cats. Something more meaningful and positive would truly help you gain more points into their hearts.

woman smiling front of a smartphone

For example, if they’re really into crypto trading, you can call them Satoshi. Or if they’re a fan of Spiderman, you can call them Spidey. Don’t give them nicknames like mocha or peaches.

Graphic details of activities

If you’re getting to know each other through My Ladyboy Date, one of the best flirtation tips is to ensure that when you’re chatting with them, you have to be more descriptive of your communications.

For example, if you’re planning to take a shower and you’re advising the other person that you’ll be gone for a while, don’t just send “I will be back in 30 minutes, I just have to do something.”

man smiling front of his smartphone

What you would do instead is to text them something along the lines of “I’ll just take a hot shower, I’ll be back soon.” Their attention would not be wasted on wondering what you’ll do anymore, instead, they’ll start picturing you naked while cleaning yourself.

You may also text things like, “My body’s drowning in sweat, I have to go take a shower. I’ll be back later”.


Look into their eyes but not in a psychopathic way. Your goal is to flirt with them and not scare them away. If you know how to smize, do it. Staring into someone’s eyes gives the vibe of wanting to connect. It also shows the other person that you’re interested in what they have to say and that they have your full attention.

Sense of mystery

In connection with being descriptive about your activities, you also should not give everything of yourself from the get-go. The use of descriptive texts should be done in bursts and not continuously because the person might become numb to that tactic over time.

If you’re too open in the beginning, they might think they’ve figured you all out already and get bored. Disappear from time to time. Make sure your online status is not green 24/7.

Sense of being coveted

Have you watched Inventing Anna or the Tinder Swindler? If so, you must know that faking it till you make it is not just a statement. It’s true in many forms and should also be sparingly used when it comes to dating.

cute woman touching a man's hand

This is especially helpful to ladyboys who are looking to make a man crazy about them. So, how do you go about doing this one without going too overboard? Simple, when you are getting to know each other, pretend to be unavailable for some time while there’s no official relationship yet. Make excuses such as you’ve been invited to a dinner by a friend but don’t go into details.

You may also ask for tech help on how to block someone because your ex keeps sending you messages.

Meaningful conversations

Lastly, make sure you have meaningful conversations with this person. Without a good foundation, the relationship will be shallow and there will be no crucial points to continue holding on.

conversation between a man and a woman

Don’t be afraid to express your real views on important matters. Also, talk about your achievements and dreams for them to have a preview of how you are as a person.

You’re on your best form when you’re yourself. Did you learn anything from this guide? Please share it with your friends so they can be master flirts too. If you haven’t created a My Ladyboy Date and you’re still single and wondering as to why? Here’s your answer. Signup today and meet amazing people who are looking for love!

Good luck!

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