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How To Repel Pervs Online

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Perv are everywhere but they’re being very good at masquerading. Not all of them are bad. But there’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be subject to their harassment. If you want to repel them, keep reading.

Common Perv Antics

Many perv pretend that they have pure intentions. But they often reveal themselves prematurely. If you’re infatuated by someone, you’ll often disregard the red flags. However, you must be reminded of what these are so you don’t become their regular prey.

Introductory Sensual Flirtation

A little flirtation isn’t harmful. It’s actually very helpful in breaking the ice. However, there are certain types of flirtation that you must not tolerate. Anything that regularly goes along the lines of intimacy is a no-no.

Little comments such as:

  • You’ll look better without clothes on
  • You fill that dress very nicely
  • I’d like to butter your muffin…

…may all sound funny but entertaining these is the first step to your willingness.


Some pervs go right for the jugular and hit it straight without euphemisms. They will talk about body parts, and more without thinking of the repercussions.

They’re so used to being rejected that they couldn’t care less how the receiver would react. Yes, being on a dating site requires maturity. But being able to discuss body parts right off the bat is not the epitome of what a mature person does.

Unsolicited Eggplant Pics

Not all pervs are literary. Many prefer showing than saying. This is why you’ll come across unsolicited peen pics from time to time. Many of them like to do this because they’re proud of their package.

Sadly, not all of these are pleasant to the eyes.

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How to Repel Them

If you don’t want to deal with them anymore, you must know how to repel them. These tips work most of the time but still don’t guarantee 100%. Take everything with a grain of salt.

Yes / No

Say No

If a perv tries to connect with you and you’re not comfortable anymore, say no. Sometimes, the simplest solution to seemingly complicated problems is what works best.

Saying no, most especially when done loudly, can stop any form of harassment. A lot of these pervs are cowards. The per in verts may refer to persistence and perseverance, but they usually know when enough is enough.

The bottom line is, the offense is the best defense. Scare them away with a bold reverberating NO.


One of the best things about online dating is the block feature. If you don’t like how the conversation is going, hit the block button. Yes, they say that we must never judge a book by its cover. However, you must understand that these pervs are already revealing who they really are to you.

What more can you expect?

Your Branding

They say that like attracts like. This is very true. If you have good branding, fewer pervs will try to harass you. Branding is very important when it comes to finding a potential partner. However, this topic is too broad and should be dissected further.

All About Branding

In repelling pervs, the one who holds the most power is you. You have to start from within you to truly get rid of them. You may be confused why branding was suddenly involved in the discussion… but keep reading.

beautiful legs

Your Photos

If you look like one of those TikTok sluts in your photos, don’t expect that decent men will occupy your inbox. Think of your photos as the invitation cards used to encourage people to attend. If your photos send a message that you’re s*x-positive, the visitors to your profile will be filled with pervs.

Should you be tired of them, always ensure that you look decent in your photos. It’s not that hard to put clothes on. Please don’t think that this section is about slut-shaming. What’s written here is about cause and effect.

Your Profile

Is your profile filled with explicit and NSA content? If so, don’t wonder why pervs often bug you in your inbox. Saying things like:

  • NSA only
  • Only guys with big packages please
  • Tops only
  • Here for fun and not looking for anything serious
  • Casual fun only…

… all speak volumes of inviting pervs to your life. Added to that, don’t copy-paste something from a typical sugar baby’s profile. If you talk about money or wanting rich men, you will lure many rich… pervs.

Your profile should send a message of self-worth and decency. Not that there’s anything wrong with one-night stands but you get the gist. People with common sense will know that you get around the block as you’ve already written it yourself in your profile.

How You Communicate

Lastly, if you want to repel pervs and the hard no didn’t work, BORE them. Pervs are always on the hunt for someone new. If you make them snore and you don’t gratify them, they’ll leave you alone.

Talk about how you want to be treated, what you’re ideal guy is, and the future. These will guarantee that those pervs will willingly walk away from you.

My Ladyboy Date

Now, if you’re serious about repelling pervs on ladyboy dating sites, it’s time to create a My Ladyboy Date account. It’s the first decent dating site for ladyboys and the men who love them. You’re going to stumble upon fewer pervs because the moderation team is very strict.

Cyril and Maki

Added to that, if you’re a guy reading this, it prohibits harassment and scammers so you’ll find less ladyboys asking you for money. While pervs and gold diggers are inevitable, it’s always wise to strategically position yourself.

Always remember that in whatever you do, you have to strategize. Moreover, to truly repel pervs in all aspects of your life, you must always maintain your self-worth.

Without self-worth, you’re subjecting yourself to be treated the way don’t want to be. With it, you’re going to realize that this world is not all that bad and there are still men who will love you for who you are and not what’s inside your panties.

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The first decent dating site for ladyboys & cool guys
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