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Posted on August 16, 2019
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Has this cosmopolitan world been stressing you and your ladyboy date out?  I know how the world can be toxic and exhausting and one can’t help but think of an escape.  Today, I’m going to share with you some activities that you and your gal can participate in on for better health.  Please know that these tips may or may not apply to you so take them with a grain of salt.

Massage at Home

I’m talking about the legit one which doesn’t end with a happy ending.  I find this to be the most affordable luxury that one can experience.  Here in the Philippines, you can get a massage for only 8USD~ for an hour.  Nothing beats relaxed muscles (maybe Xanax, just kidding) before going to bed.  Just imagine how good of a night’s sleep you’ll both be getting while you’re all relaxed and cuddling each other in Egyptian cotton sheets with around a 19 degrees Celsius temperature.  Just writing this makes me want to call a masseuse now but I have to finish this article.  Before I begin to doze off, let’s continue with how you can destress with your ladyboy date through…

Hot Spring Bath

If you have more budget to spare, what better way to destress than to go to a spa with a hot spring?  I’ve only experienced this once with family and we all know that family trips are the least relaxing.  However, with your ladyboy date, it won’t only relax your tense muscles, it can also be very romantic.


If you’re moneybags, there’s no better way to escape the city than going to a beach in the tropics.  Just imagine laying on the sand while your girlfriend is on your arms as you both smell, feel, and hear the breeze while gazing upon the stars.  Oh God… the life!  Most people from the west only get a full vacation of a 2-week duration every year and if you have the money to travel, why not make the most of it?

Movie at Home and Food Delivery

Alright Sandy, Netflix and Chill it is!  This is probably the cheapest but I recommend ordering food because cooking kills the purpose of relaxing.  Some wine can also help and you save time and energy from traveling.  I know how mundane and cliched this seems like but you should definitely give it a try if you haven’t already (seriously, what world do you live in?).  I don’t recommend this to be done all the time in replacement of the 3 I mentioned above because this can make the relationship very boring and you don’t want to risk your ladyboy date yawning on what you both have.

Lastly, the whole point is to destress so why not stop thinking about what you’ll do with her and just follow one of my tips.

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